Nov. 18th, 2014 08:57 am
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I had some pretty conservative goals last week, and I think I did OK with them.

Home: Make something (I knit a bit and made sugar cookies with Mina, first time for her). I did not sit in front of the "fireplace" with Brian. Maybe tonight?

Work: I did indeed rock the big presentation I worked on at the Schrafft's building. I didn't get much done with the EDW migration. This is creeping up on me, because the "old" data warehouse shuts down on 12/31. Connectivity/tools/learning curve issues plus regular work are preventing me from doing this as proactively as I'd like.

Personal: I did get to the gym once (Friday). I kicked a lot of butt in Ballet class on Thursday. I did read a teeny bit of my kindle book.

We had a fun weekend. On Saturday I took Mina to dance class and she participated more than she has yet! She was making us all laugth with her excited "dancing", I was almost crying. A 501st member from CA was in town and stuck with no car in Natick, so we drove out to get him and then took him over to Walden. I hadn't been since I was a kid on the beach, and had never walked in the woods or to the cabin site. We bundled up and put Mina in the hiking pack. It was nice to see it finally and she did well considering her boredom. After we brought him to a big group dinner with other legion friends at Brittish Beer Company. On Sunday we hung around the house a bit and went to our friend's annual cozy bday gathering at their home. Mina had a blast hanging with her kids and we all ate comfort food and watched superhero TV. It was perfect! From there we drove a bit so Mina could nap, and went to Ikea to try and find good bedding for her (she asked us for a purple room, happy to oblige). They had nothing good for us, unfortunately. On the way out we learned that the Enchanged Village is already open at Jordan's. We would have had way more fun there! I may take her some Monday when it's not crazy crowded. We had dinner out there and drove home.

Yesterday was great with her! Despite a rough night where none of us slept (she is fighting a cold and/or has a growth spurt or something) we had fun playing around the house in the morning. I had to bring my car for a service at Subaru (routine) and the easiest way to deal with that was bring her with me. Their waiting room was fully stocked with a lot of good toys (namely, megablocks) and a couple of massage chairs, which she thought was a RIOT! I had packed us lunch and snacks and lots of activities and even planned on letting her sit in the front seat of the indoor demo car, but it never came to that. The work took less time than planned. She was quiet and entertained and I was so proud of her being so good in not the most exciting of situations. She fell asleep in the car and though she woke up when I transferred her into the house, we had some snuggle/restful time on the couch with a movie (Frosty) in lieu of a nap. We made the sugar cookies from start to finish (even making our own sprinkles with sugar and natural/dye free color). She had a blast. She had the most fun actually putting flour on the pastry board and just squishing the dough with her hands. She was very patient waiting for the cookies to cool. I see her becoming a great kitchen partner as she gets older.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week!
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