Nov. 12th, 2014

Last Week

Nov. 12th, 2014 08:33 am
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My goals were as such, and it was a crazy week work-wise. It made things crazy home-wise. I didn't do great tracking/accomplishing things. I also didn't paste these goals on a piece of paper and print and sit on my CPU at work, and then my kitchen counter. Out of sight, out of mind. It was a good lesson. My intentions included:

Home: put away attic things (I did actually get done Thursday morning, when I was home with a "sick" Mina*), Thanksgiving Decorations (maybe get our fake Xmas tree: we need to buy a new one this year) - I pulled the decorations down Thursday too, and we bought our new fake tree on Friday night**.

Work: Report Card phone calls (finally done, and ongoing), spend time migrating old code to the new Enterprise Data Warehouse (never got to do, due to system/network issues***).

Personal: Gym Wednesday and Friday (nope, not at all - meetings/life intervened), Spend a night either reading or sewing (no TV): I did manage this, though it was mostly due to a late night getting Mina to bed and our exhaustion. We just did the necessary prep for the next morning and then went to bed.

*On Wednesday we had a lunch meeting, and I didn't get to the gym. I was going to head over at 1:00 but had too much work to do. Then I got a call at 3 that Mina had vomitted right when she woke up from her nap, and had a fever of 99. I left to get her. She was kind of droopy but just fine all night, just fine the next day (I was at home with her). This is the 3rd time she's thrown up at school, just as she was waking up from a nap. We wonder if it is due to eating and then laying down right away, on top of a cold and post/nasal drip, and being flat on the floor. This never happens at home. I'm going to ask her Pedi about it at some point. Not concerning but annoying because she is always fine at home.

**Some years I've developed an odd rash around Xmas time that always goes away after Xmas. At first I thought it was related to some kind of plant I touched when decorating my Gram's gazebo (it was surrounded by who knows what in plant life. Sometimes I'd get it, sometimes I wouldn't. It came with a vengance when I was pregnant. Then I had it again last year. After multiple derm appointments and a re-test for allergies last year, we think it was due to a mold allergy, which means no more real greenery in our house for Xmas. We had a small/sad Xmas tree that we donated at the end of last season, and bought a new taller and pre-lit one this year. We got it last weekend, to insure that we have it for post Thanksgiving. Mina had a BLAST checking out the Xmas decorations at Target. She took all of the 2 foot foil trees (of various colors) off of the Mina height shelf, lined them up, and then carefully placed a plastic lollipop ornament in front of each one, and then proceeded to hang the pop on each tree. She is looking and acting more and more like her mama each day. It is going to be a fun year, because it is the first one where she really will get into the spirit of things.

***Partners is migrating from an old Data Warehouse (oracle based) to a bigger, huge enterprise data warehouse (windows based). The old system goes away 12/31, and I've had a host of connection issues in trying to just take the time and migrate all of my code/projects to the new system. I'll figure it out.

Goals this week:

Home: Make something (sew/knit/build with my kid), Fireplace with Brian one of these cold nights
Work: Rock my presentation tomorrow at the Schraffts building, Get some work done with this EDW migration
Personal: Walk or gym once this week, Read some more of my kindle book


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