Feb. 17th, 2015


Feb. 17th, 2015 09:12 am
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Mina and I had a blast at dance school Saturday.  She danced a bit to the 'normal' stuff and the hip hop teacher decided (inspired by Mina's excitement last week) to do a mini hip hop warmer for all of the younger kids.  They were freaking adorable!

Brian was at a nearby friend's nephew's Star Wars birthday party, suiting up to be a stormtrooper.  It was the first time we've been in this crazy hobby that he's done a party that wasn't a Make a Wish type thing (other than our Nephew's party when he was like 4, and now he's 17).  It was in the local Community/Arts center on Moody Street, that used to be a middle school.  They have a sweet setup for residents to rent spaces for 2 hours, with cool activities to choose from.  I was invited to bring Mina over after dance class to see Brian and have pizza and cake (for his 'payment' of sorts).  We left there to head to Cambridge for our haircuts, and she slept in the car (I live parked on the street and Brian got us take-out Burdick's cocoa before we headed to the garage).  Fortune was smiling on us, because we got the freaking last spot in the parking garage.  It was so sad to see all of the street spots filled with snow (or snowed-in cars).  We had a nice visit with Dale at DHR, and then went next-door to New England Comics.  The guy working was absolutely nasty, which really stinks, because we used to buy a lot of stuff there.  We were in there looking at the kid comic section, and he was giving me dagger eyes while Mina excitedly and very carefully looked at some books.  Another couple with tween sons were lectured about how the boys shouldn't wrinkle anything while handling, unless they planned to buy them (these kids were like, 12 years old).  So much for making comics exciting to the new generation!  I'm happy for our local shop Outer Limits on Moody, where Steve is very supportive of the young set, and also Double Midnight in NH.  We picked up take-out Chinese on the way home, and settled in for a nice family Valentine's Day night together.

Snow, really.  We stayed in Sunday and given the winds, it wasn't even really reasonable for Mina to go out and play in it.  Awful fires in Waltham this weekend.  I feel for the firefighters covered in frozen water, trying to battle these things around piles of snow. :(  We drove up to NH yesterday to spend some gift certificate $ at Double Midnight, and then headed over to the Mall of NH for lunch and indoor playground playing with my brother, his wife and their son.  Mina actually was involved in a brawl of sorts with a kid there.  A much older, bigger kid pushed her off of one of the play structures.  She fell down, got up, looked at him like "WTF?!" and then purposely and calculatingly grabbed his shirt and pulled him off of the thing.  He fell a couple of feet to the ground, landed flat on his back (and had the wind knocked out of him).  He paused for a second and started SCREAMING.  He was totally OK, but just freaked out.  This little girl took him out, and he just wasn't expecting it.  He got up and ran over to his grandparents, and we went over to Mina (she started crying too).  Once kids were calmed down. they both apologized to each other.  She kept saying she felt bad for hurting him, but I'm also kind of proud that she stuck up for herself.  We joke that she's going to be the bodyguard for our less in your face nephew #2.  It is so weird to see it in action.  I was a social kid like her, and talked a lot (very outgoing), but definitely would have shyed away from this kind of thing.  It is such a tough thing to balance.  Hitting/pushing is not cool, but I don't want her running to us to fight all of her (figurative) battles, either.  It is odd to see this combination of empathy and force.  I wonder how much impact the superhero stuff has had on this.

Our makeup dance class yesterday (making up for last Tuesday's cancellation) was cancelled.  We are due to have a class tonight, but given that Waltham has a snow emergency and you can't park on the street, the city lots may be filled, and there won't be parking for class.  I'm expecting another cancellation.  My clothing is fitting so poorly.  I want to get moving again!


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