Dec. 8th, 2016


Dec. 8th, 2016 08:26 am
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Our cats are 11 (Mal) and 13 (Jayne).  About 2 years ago our vet commented that Jayne was dropping weight and Mal was too heavy.  They suggested we hold back the dry food, go for more protein, and limit what they ate, but then give extra to Jayne.  We succeeded!  Jayne gained a bit and Mal lost some.  They were very happy.  They did say that the quickness with which Mal dropped the weight added to his age, was odd.  Pet parents aren't usually so effective, but he was a good weight, so they suggested that we keep an eye on him.

Well, he has been losing more weight.  His bones are kind of sticking out in places, and we only recently noticed it.  I have an appointment for him at the vet on Monday, and am trying to not get too nervous before we go.

Both cats have been pretty uninterested in their cat food lately.  I don't know if the company changed their recipe or what.  I had started giving more dry food again, and they aren't too much into that either.  We grabbed some cans of another brand to try and they are similarly disinterested.  They will eat a bit, but not ravenously suck it all down (we would give some wet in the AM, some wet in the PM, and then a little dry to supplement at some point).  The only thing they have been super excited about has been their Trader Joe's cat treats, which we give to them at night in Mina's bedroom.

So who the hell knows.  Given that Jayne is the older cat and the one with the health issues, he is the one we were expecting to go first.  Our cat longevity expectations are a bit unreasonable too I think, given that all of ours lived to 20+ (the last one, Max, had diabetes for his last 5 years).

I hope I am overreacting.  I'm dreading facing this whenever it comes, with Mina. :(


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