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It was announced today that all Isis Parenting stores are closing suddenly today. So sad!

Brian and I purchased quite a bit of things from Isis both before and after Mina was born. I took a pumping class there and did many of their free webinars. I brought Mina to the International Latch On event to try and break a world record of the most women breastfeeding simultaneously. I rented a hospital-grade pump from them, and met with a lactation consultant right before I went back to work to deal with supply/lazy eating issues.

Now that Mina is 2 and it has been over a year since she stopped nursing, they aren't so important with day to day stuff for us. Though, I still think of them in those early, sensitive, serious days. It is like an old family member dying.

Such a great service, and such great loss to families in the Boston area and beyond. :(
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I'm being lazy and copying Brian's LJ post to share our birth story. Warning, there's some gross, labor related stuff in here.

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Jan. 15th, 2012 09:39 am
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The hives/rash is still going, not worse and not better. My face is so swollen that I look about 15 years older around my eyes. Fun. So swollen that reading is - interesting. I can't wait to have this baby and see if it resolves.

I was crampy all day Friday and stayed home on my last day of work thinking that this may be the start. All freaking day! Then at night I was up every hour - not sure if it was due to the cramping, or the rash, or the fact that I tried to sleep in my own bed again. I would last an hour on my side, get up because my hips/pelvis were killing me, try and pee, and get on the other side. An hour later repeat. So much for trying to sleep on the bed. That morning was when I woke up with scary old lady eyes. Due to lack of sleep? Facial swelling? Who knows.

A couple of times in that night I felt an actual, quick, measureable, concrete contraction. There were two of them that caught me off guard. But that was it.

Yesterday was Saturday, and my eyes were puffy/wrinkled all day. I only had a couple of the crampy/numb periods like Friday, but none of those concrete, quick, measureable contractions. I slept on the loveseat again and did sleep much better, but still woke up with a swollen face and the scary eyes. They are more swollen feeling, and I can tell from looking out of them that reading/driving for a long ways wouldn't be effective. :/ I feel more rested, only got up a couple of times to pee (normal for a pregnant lady). Still, with the eyes. It is time to take another antihistamine and I may try a cold cloth on my face again, cool wet tea bags, maybe make a paste out of the Domeboro stuff (if the box says that's safe for the face) or the Aveeno Oatmeal bath as my midwife suggested.

I never thought I was vain (post teenage craziness) until this pregnancy. I don't want to leave the house but I don't want to sit in the house all day. I want to dress up but it is harder and harder to do that comfortably where I don't look like a moose in black on black on black (the pants that fit are black now, the shirts that don't accentuate this rash due to color or short sleeves are black. I am so freaking high maintenance. And crazy. Which I hate. "I can't win".

I am humbled by this whole experience, as I guess I should be.


Jan. 14th, 2012 11:01 pm
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Brian's truck turned out not to fit an infant car seat. So, we traded it in today for a new one with a bigger back seat. Unexpected and tiring, but glad we had the savings and good equity in his old truck to do this. Back to the drawing board in paying it down. :/

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Jan. 5th, 2012 09:12 am
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My last planned day at work is a week from tomorrow (1/13). I have never taken this much time off from a job, as long as I've been working in a taxpaying capacity (age 14). Brian asked me the other day how that felt, and at this point I just can't grasp it. I'm sure that the time is going to fly by.

I've been slowly working to try and prepare things that I do to run without me while I'm gone (or put them in a state where they can just sit for 12 weeks). It is nice to feel important. There is a lot of construction and moving planned in our space soon, though the timing is still up in the air. I'm packing up my cube so that if a move happens while I'm out it will be easier for people to move my stuff AND easy for me to settle in when I return, knowing how things are packed. Also, my cube will be free for someone to use during the 12 weeks I'm out (a bunch of people are being displaced from their current area while a new call center room is built out for them).

I do have plenty to do to bide my time, but thankfully none of it is mission critical. It is a nice feeling (because I was freaking out a bit a couple of weeks ago).

Alas, Brian can not say the same thing. Things are going crazy at his company and they are not set up well to cover for folks if they are out. Whenever I have the baby, he will be out (and unavailable to the office) for two full weeks. It would have been longer, but they just can't survive without him. That, and his company is not as generous with the paid time off benefit. He has had extremely stressful days at work all this week (he's going in early today for a build but can't leave early due to a meeting/gathering at the end of the day), but then comes home to face last-minute baby prep and a cranky 38 weeks pregnant wife. Our car seat is installed and the hospital bag is finally in my trunk, so the important stuff is done done done at least! I hope that he can get some things resolved at the office before this babe comes so that he can relax a bit.

He sent me the sappiest e-mail the other day, at 1:00 in the morning. We are trying to stay sane and spend some quality, quiet time together before our life is thrown into a bit of a chaos, despite things going nuts around us. He's sleeping in our bed on the second floor and I'm sleeping on the loveseat with my feet up on the first floor. When we're in the living room hanging out before bed, we can't even share the couch anymore given my 'feet above my heart' needs. I miss snuggling with him and our cats. Still, I know that this adventure will be over soon and bring its own set of new adventures for us to explore together. I think most fascinating from this experience is the effect of hormones and the situation on your relationship. I think we really could take on anything right now. I felt like that before, but this is just more raw - or real - or something. Evolution at work! Survival of the Species! ;)
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The subject is what Brian said, as he installed our car seat base (Graco Snugride 30) into my back seat. Andrew and Heather so graciously passed their's to us (not expired and never in a car accident). The hospital bag is being packed and just needs a couple more items until I put it in the trunk until whenever we'll need it. I can't believe that we are at this stage of the journey.

Putting my feet up has helped a good deal with my swelling. I just need to keep the momentum of this. Work days are the hardest, since I go a huge chunk of time with my feet under my desk. Having a couple of long holiday weekends in a row has been very helpful in this way. I only have 2 more work weeks to go anyway. Nuts.

We had a nice New Year's weekend, with some productivity, some friends and some relaxation. I'm hoping to get out and see family next weekend if things still haven't started up with labor (since they are all an hour away now). It is definitely odd that we're in Waltham and that they are all within a 15 minute drive of each other in Southern, NH. We're the city folks and they are the country folks. There have been such changes in our lives over the last few years.

I took some of the holiday decorations down today and they are on the dining room table, waiting to make their way to the attic. The tree, our front hallway banister and front porch are all that's left to disassemble, but I like enjoying the lights so for now I'm content to be lazy. I just want them all put away before we have our baby.

We went to Trader Joe's today to pick up groceries and some frozen/easy things to stockpile for post delivery. We had bulk-cooked a lot already (turkey soup, chili, a couple of shephard's pies, beef stew) and have added to that pile lasagna, veggie burgers, burritos, pizzas and some things I'm forgetting. Having Sharma's convenience store right across the street could not be more helpful (he even delivers now), and then there is always Pea Pod and take out. It isn't like we will never leave the house again, but I like setting things up so that we don't need to in those first few weeks unless we want to.

Folks have asked us about future plans: when will we troop next, what is Brian's next prop project, when will I go back to the dance studio, will we take the baby to Star Wars Celebration, etc. We're both content to just figure it out later as we adapt to our new life. It's funny to see people's insistence that we plan things now now now. This pregnancy has made me less of a control freak about my own life (which was necessary). It is interesting to see our relaxed method make *other people* somewhat uncomfortable. :)

Considering the edema in my legs, weird autoimmune reaction rash on my extremities, recent return of sinus craziness (rhinitis of pregnancy) and increasing difficulty to get my big belly and butt off of the loveseat (where I hang out to keep my feet up and sleep) I am feeling a lot better than I expected to at this point. I'm ready to be through with this experience, but also not ready enough to have my acupuncturist start moving things along for me (as of 38 weeks aka this coming Wednesday, she said it would be appropriate to do that so I desired). I'm trying to just relish the quiet time before things are turned upside down. So apropos that we are doing this right as the new year begins!
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Brian's review of our year made me sappy. I heart my dorky husband.

I miss sharing a bed with him and being easily able to snuggle into him, but the belly is big, and the loveseat is the best for getting the swelling in my legs down and adequately and safely supporting my back (I have yet to have back pain in this pregnancy, which I blame my amazing awareness of proper posture through years of ballet classes for and maybe strong abs from ballet and bellydance in year's past). I think we will both be ecstatic to be through this phase of our life together, special and bond-growing though it has been.

The rash on my body seems to be healing, albeit slowly. The weird thing is, there are times in the day that my skin just hurts. Swelling in my legs is down over the night since my feet are up above my heart, my legs are soft again and not rock hard (the analogy Brian made was, like a sausage when they are grilled and if you poked it, juice would squirt out). This has been the norm for my legs from ankle up to right above my knees over the last couple of weeks, until I made great efforts to sit for hours with my feet above my heart (it really is helping). Anyway, putting them up for a long time moves the fluid down in an interesting but strange way. My ankles are soft, then my calves, then around my knees, and there is this particular spot where there is a divide between soft and swollen body - so strange that I thought I was imagining it and I made Brian come and poke me to confirm I wasn't just seeing and feeling things last weekend. When this happens, I have to pee more (or I sweat, a lot). The human body is fascinating! Anyway, the rash: I put this ointment on and it feels good going on (albeit greasy). A few hours later though, my skin HURTS. My skin, not my legs/muscles. Swelling is down, but moving hurts because my skin around my knees, ankles and sides of my thighs hurts (where the worst of the rash has been, though the ointment is all over my extremities). The skin is hot to the touch in these places too. I'm going to try an experiment today, and try the California Baby Calendula stuff instead of the prescription ointment. I'll shower, rub this stuff in instead, put on some support hose, and maybe that will help with swelling and help the rash? Air is good for the rash, but the support hose may help with the swelling. They've suggested all along that I wear these, but the trick in, you have to put them on first thing in the morning before you even move from bed so that your legs are 'wrapped' before you get up and move around and swelling happens. My problem has been that until now, being in bed hasn't done anything to alleviate the swelling. Being on a loveseat over the last week though with my feet above my heart, I feel somewhat human in the morning (safe for the tender, achy skin). I'm having a hard time determining if my discomfort is due to swelling or rash or both, so I figure I'll do some experimenting. What's the worst that can happen, the rash comes back more hardcore. Been there, done that.

Put your feet up to relive edema, but exercise to relieve edema! Wear loose, light clothing when you're having a hot flash but keep that scary rash covered up with clothing! "I can't win" is my statement du jour, as I laugh (weakly). We've had a great sense of humor through a year's worth of fertility treatments, that I feel really silly for complaining now.

Such a strange, long year. Such a scary, exciting new year.
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It was nice to see Michelle again, and I did feel a bit better after our session. She is trying to treat the edema and the rash, by encouraging peeing (heh) and 'releasing heat trapped under the skin' (if I understood that correctly). She said I have had a deficiency in Yin (?) and run too hot, despite being cold often, so releasing that heat and bringing balance can help my skin to heal.

Or something. :) It was relaxing anyway, and makes me feel like I'm at least doing something to be more comfortable.

I'll see her next week again. And put my feet up a lot this weekend. And keep applying ointment.

No more dancing for me. I'll go up briefly tonight to drop some things for people. I need to put my feet up over my heart at night as much as I can, and dread the thought of bending my knees such given the swelling, just to get up those stairs to the studio.

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It is always so strange each year, with all of the preparation and anticipation how quickly the Christmas holiday comes and goes.

I've made a great effort to keep my feet up above my heart since last Thursday's prenatal appointment, and it really is making a big difference in my comfort. Brian has been a huge help through this whole process, and has taken over doing the things I normally would around the house so that I can stay off of my feet. The guy who didn't want to change a litterbox, would rather order takeout and would continue to wear the same t-shirt over doing laundry has been busy. It really does seem to be my body's way of preparing us for what is coming after this baby is on the outside.

We have exchanged our own gifts over the last few years on Christmas Eve morning/afternoon, before going up to my Sister's house for the family sleepover. We have a difficult time getting gifts for each other, because he gets what he wants when he wants it as a rule, and there don't tend to be a lot of things that I want for myself. I got him some nerdy Hallmark ornaments early this year before they sold out, a Sharktopus shirt from Her Universe (the only men's shirt they sell), some iPhone friendly gloves, a photo calendar (I do this each year), some Starbucks credit and some foodie things. Also, a little girls pleather biker jacket from Gwen Stefani's Target line (for us to put away until our baby is big enough to wear it, and match her Dad).

Brian went with a whole 'pamper Jodi' theme this year, complete with a sweet card with a sappy note for me about how it has been a tough year for me, and that he wanted me to try and relax and enjoy myself with this time I'm going to have at home with our new baby. He got me some bath products, a bunch of books, some iTunes credit and a stack of DVDs. There is a general 'lots of time spent in the house' vibe going for it, which was just perfect.

We've decided to stay in on New Year's Eve in favor of me keeping my feet up. We'll get dinner somewhere or order takeout, and watch something on the TV and ring in the New Year with our cats and our bunnies and our baby to be. A friend is having a New Year's Day brunch, so I'll be excited to get out and be social in a lower-key situation (also, a place where I can get myself comfortable and put my feet up if need be).

Nesting, indeed (literally), as I'm spending most of my time smooshed on the loveseat with a mountain of pillows (Brian has affectionately named "Mt. Doom"). Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray may perhaps be a good NYE distraction? :)

Have a great week folks, and a happy new year!
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I spent a good chunk of time with my feet above my heart and with Brian waiting on me Friday night and early Saturday. The leg swelling went down a lot!

Brian went for a 'pampering Jodi' gift theme this year: all things to try and make the adjustment to being a new mom a bit easier. He is always so thoughtful.

We headed to my sister's for the annual Xmas Eve sleepover. I could not get comfortable, and the leg swelling came back. I was told by Brian that until this baby is here, I should have my feet up as much as possible. Makes sense, but it will be tough. :/

Back home to lounge! Rash is healing where it started but popping up elsewhere. Can't wait for Derm appt on Tuesday!

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I saw an NP at my PCP's office this morning. She and an Osteopath that she asked to come in the room think this rash I have is Stasis Dermatitis - swelling (in this case in my legs/ankles) has led to seepage of protein from my blood into my skin, and I'm having a hypersensitive reaction to it). You can google if you want the nitty gritty - I did that and was going to share a link, but all of them have some pretty nasty pictures there and I don't think you want to see it.

Since I'm not having any dangerous side effects and the itching while annoying is bearable, I'll continue with the prescription steroid ointment 3x a day (she said that they don't like to give the oral steroids unless it is a bit of an emergency). This rash has popped up mostly all over my body save for my belly and back, so I'm one greasy Italian chick for the time being (why did this have to be an ointment and not a cream?)! And I am to take antihistamines to also help - cetirizine for the day and benadryl at night. I can take baths/soaks/compresses with anti-itch stuff. My OB yesterday suggested The stuff is expensive ($16 for 12 packs of powder - you mix 1-3 packs of powder into a pint of water)! I didn't want to take a $16 bath (nevermind 12 packs of the stuff being so diluted in a whole bathtub of water), so I threw 4 packs into a big bowl with 2 pints of water, soaked some hand towels through (just enough fluid to do that) and wrapped them around my legs and ankles (the worst spots) last night for a half hour. It seemed to help a bit.

I have a consult scheduled with a Dermatologist for Tuesday morning, though I was told I could cancel it if I have a miraculous recovery before then. The NP and DO today didn't think there was infection, but they want the Derm to confirm (and also confirm the diagnosis). As far as whether this is an allergic reaction or just a sensitivity they said who knows. Really, who cares? The treatment is the same. I mentioned that my OB suggested I get an allergy test post delivery, but the NP said that unless I wanted to go through the shots and such, since this seems to be such a rare reaction in me, it may not be worth the effort (I tend to agree).

I have an appointment with my acupuncturist on Wednesday night after work which also cannot hurt. I think I may see her until my delivery (she can also help me get that going too according to her months ago - post the 38 week mark).

I have to try and cut salt and keep my feet above my heart as much as I can now. And drink water water water! It can only help me! If I can get the swelling down it will make a world of good.

My biggest fear is that I'll be unable to move around and get into various birth positions adequately when I'm in labor, since right now I can't even walk very well when it requires bending at the knee (walking flat is fine, stairs or bending is just impossible - not painful, but my calves are just so big, they hit my thigh and I just can't bend past that point).

A few weeks left - I can do this!

Rashy rash

Dec. 22nd, 2011 04:21 pm
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Midwife and OB think it's some kind of allergic reaction. Prescribed steroid cream, told me to see my PCP and get referred to a Derm,

8:00 AM appt tomorrow and hopefully not too long to see the Derm after that.

Funny thing: while waiting for my script at CVS, 2 cops came in. A guy was trying to pass off a fake narcotic script. Exciting!

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Dec. 15th, 2011 08:41 am
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I don't have a lot of photos from my baby shower, but I've put the ones I collected here .

My sister's invitations were indeed rockin'! She had ordered some matching notecards for folks to leave us parenting advice, and there were such sweet notes from people in the cards that accompanied gifts. In thinking of how to save these things for future looks (and to share with our daughter when she's older and can appreciate them), I went very low tech. We had some time to kill before a class on Monday night, and I picked up an acid-free photo album in Michael's in Burlington (the kind with a big solid sticky page to fit odd-shaped items).

I had stayed home from Tap class on Tuesday because of this darned cold that I'm fighting, and spent some time sticking things from the shower into the book: invitation, advice cards, greeting cards. The good thing about this 'old fashioned' and low-tech approach is that the pages are removeable, and that there are many left to fill. I thought it may be a good place to document our life before baby: the prep that went into it, the ultrasound pictures and that kind of thing. The album is just a plain white leather one with some gold gilding on it. I'll have to check out the scrapbooking stuff to see if I can find some kind of label holder to stick on the spine and front to note what's actually in the book. But I digress.

I have ultrasound pictures to go through, sort by date and put in there. This morning (since I woke up an hour early by accident - doh) I had some time before I left for work to review things tagged as "baby" in my livejournal, and print out some key posts that I would want to share in there as well. This is why I continue to use LJ (I started in 2000), despite it not being the cool place to post anymore. I think it works well for what I need, and I have a great history of journal entries here that are easy to find via the tagging option. I made an of the URLs of the various posts to print in color at work, and then I'll cut the extra white space out of them and stick into my book, interspersed with the ultrasound photos as appropriate.

We did register for a baby book on Amazon and will pick that up as the time gets closer if we haven't received it from someone else. What other kind of 'pre baby' stuff do you think I may want to document in this little album I'm working on now?

I really enjoyed looking through my own baby book as a child and my parent's old photo albums, so I'm trying to keep track of these sorts of everyday things so that our daughter can do the some one day. Our daughter! Just nuts. :)

Baby Stuff

Dec. 12th, 2011 10:29 am
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We received a lot of goodies at our shower this weekend, and more gifts are coming in from friends and family who could not make it. I'm having fun organizing things (as I do). As we've received clothing and blankets and sheets and such, I've washed them and put them away into plastic tubs to organize in a final home later. Clothes are by size, crib sheets are together, receiving blankets, heavier blankets and "msc" for the other stuff that doesn't quite fit anywhere else.

After things are laundered we'll take the smallest of the clothing and put it into our small bureau. We've made our way halfway through the huge mound we created after our shower, taking things out of bags, removing tags and that kind of thing. Crazy. I'm glad we have space in the room and the closet to stage and store these things.

We also took out the pack and play that we purchased from a friend months ago from the attic. Brian assembled it with its infant bassinet top, and it indeed does fit next to our bed. We'll be switching sides of the bed and with that, moving some things around in the room so that rather than getting ready on the vanity side of the room I'll be getting ready on the bathroom side of the room. We packed it all back up again and put it for safe keeping in the baby's room until we bring her home.

There are still things in the attic that she won't fit into for quite a while - we'll deal with those/take them out when the time comes: bouncy seats, exercauser. The new hiking backpack/carrier went up there for now. I think the collection of vintage Nancy Drew books will too. Have I mentioned before I love having a huge, dry walk up attic?

I have a bunch of knitted and crocheted baby goods. How do I even begin to guess what size these things are? Are there any knitting or crochet experts with experience with baby stuff that maybe able to take a look and give a good guess? The organizer in me wants to put them in the proper plastic tub. :)

We didn't actually receive any diapers or wipes (but got lots of baby lotions and such), so we purchased some with gift cards so that we'll be set for when she gets home. I'm sure we may need some more infant clothing (though I'm not making that judgement until everything is washed and in its bins) and we don't have our car seat yet. Hopefully that's coming in the next week or so.

It is so strange to see the room turning more and more into a little person's room. Almost one month to go - crazy. Brian gets more terrified as the time draws nearer. He said that he'll almost feel better once she's here, because than the anticipation will be gone and he can just 'get stuff done'. We know it will be hard, and sleepless, and overwhelming, but we know we'll get by. In some ways 9 months has gone by in the blink of an eye and in others it is endless. I am sure all parents go through this, but I haven't heard many share about it.


Dec. 11th, 2011 07:51 am
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We have been showered. So much stuff and so much love. And laundry. And organizing. :)

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Nov. 30th, 2011 09:27 am
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I bought my first vintage toy for our babe on Etsy this morning. I'm not sure why, but I was thinking of this plastic brick set that we used to play with over at Gram and Papa's house. It belonged (I think) to my Dad and his sisters.

Googling around helped me find that it was an American Plastic Brick set . I'm not sure how old or which company made it (out of the two that produced them), but I found a box of random bricks/parts on Etsy for $10. Whoot!

What kind of vintage toys did you play with that you'd want your kid to have? At some point I know I'll be picking up one of the vintage little people garages too (though, we used it with matchbox cars).

Though I did have my share of "girl's toys", the "boy's toys" were always the most fun for me! As far as "girl's" items, I'm looking forward to sharing the original Nancy Drew stories with her. :)
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We're almost done! I have to buy a pillow set for our rocking chair, print some 4x6 photos for a frame hanging on the wall and decide if we want to paint a small bureau or not. Here's some pics (descriptions of things are in each pick):


Nov. 11th, 2011 09:20 am
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Friday! Finally!

Thank you Veterans for your service! There was the most touching story about the last living WWI Veteran on WBUR this morning - a guy who lived in Swampscott, was born in Italy, was a ladies' man and died in 2007.

I love the Amazon Universal function. Download something that adds a button to your browser toolbar, and you can add anything to your Amazon wishlist. It basically provides a link to another site. It has come in handy for our baby registry (and generally a good way to keep track of things we will want to get later that aren't gifted to us). We also registered at Target for those brick-and-mortar fans.

Our plan was to go out to Ikea this weekend and get a crib, but a friend send me an e-mail from someone on the Arlington parents group, selling their Gulliver. It is a non-drop sided crib, not recalled, and one side comes off to convert to a toddler bed. They are selling with a Sealy mattress and nobody had claimed it yet. We should go pick it up this weekend at some point tbd. This means perhaps we won't have to assemble the thing? Score! It is exactly what we were planning on buying new on Sunday. Though, I still think I may want to go out to Ikea anyway. Love me some Ikea. ;)

Tomorrow we're going so that Brian can do a photoshoot with his Zombie Trooper with a friend in Melrose in the morning, and then we are attending/trooping a friend's wedding out in Boxborough at night. The free time in the middle will be very nice, as will seeing people. This is a very quick photo shoot, but we're hoping to take a fast 'pre-baby' shot of us together. Maybe zombie trooper eating my belly or something. I'm going to wear my skeleton halloween shirt for the occasion. I've gotten a lot of use out of that thing; I love it!


Nov. 8th, 2011 10:42 am
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We toured the Maternity areas of Newton Wellesley Hospital last night. Swanky! Since I work for a hospital organization and have meetings in either of our two hospitals often, being in this kind of setting isn't anything odd to me. What is odd is how NWH doesn't have the "hospital smell", and how bright/new/fancy it all is. Folks at my employer would tell you it is due to demographics, being owned by Partners and the $ that comes from that. Anyway, it was neat to see what our 'home away from home' will be like for a few days in January.

I have a lot of bulk-cooking do to over the next few months. Having ready-made food from the freezer that's wholesome and homemade is a wonderful thing. I'm sure we will also utilize take-out, Sharma's across the street and Peapod quite often in the early parenting weeks.

As it turns out we are hosting Thanksgiving after all. Originally that was not the plan, so we hadn't ordered a turkey from our CSA. Low and behold, they haven't had a lot of losses this year (they over-buy the babies so that they are secure that they can provide everyone a bird that ordered one). Despite not preordering, we will be able to buy a turkey from the same place we've been doing that for years. I love cooking and hosting. This year we'll also have the NEW MUPPET MOVIE to enjoy!

Dance class and glee tonight! I'm getting bigger and more awkward and more swollen as time goes on (couldn't wear my wedding rings this morning, so now it has officially moved to my fingers). It is worst first thing in the morning which is odd - bad when I'm still laying in bed (and gets better later in the day). Heat related? Our second floor is warmer than our first given our steam heat/single thermostat system. I'll miss another ballet class on Thursday (this time for a CPR class - last week for a doctor's appointment). I am curious to see if I will be able to dance to full term, but if I have to give up a bit earlier I feel proud that I've come this far at least.

Our plan tomorrow is to finish the paining that has to be done in the short term (trim around our front door and the ceiling in the baby's room). Once that bit is done we can actually set up the room and get ourselves a crib. We're hoping to pick up our carseats this weekend, meaning we'll have the necessities we need for birth. Whoot!


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