Mar. 6th, 2013 10:57 am
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It is Wednesday and I'm posting a weekend update. Time flies and all of that. I thought it did before I had a kid, but it is so much more faster now.

We took a walk on Saturday to our library and checked out the children's room. Wow! They had a nice open area for parents to sit on a long bench seat with room for the kids to play with a toy kitchen and food, puppets, small see-saw and then of course tons of puppets, books and such. And, a bathroom in the area with a changing table. I took Mina in to clean her up and Brian got the tour from one of the librarians. They are having a free 3 week music/dance activity that I'll be taking her to.

Our timing getting out of the house was later than I had hoped, so it put her at nap time as we were leaving the library. That paired with running around with kids there and she was pooped! She was out in the stroller within 2 minutes of leaving. We strolled home and stopped at our local thrift store and comic store along the way. After taking an inventory of her clothing that morning we found that she didn't have a lot of options in the next size up. She is starting to outgrow the 18 mo clothing (yes, she is 13 months), so we picked up a bunch of things from Global Thrift in the 24 mos/2T/3T range. Each one was around $2 a piece, which you really cannot beat! I love the hunt for this kind of thing.

We ran some errands in the afternoon and had dinner at PF Changs - our first time ordering something off the kid's menu for Mina. Normally I think it is unnecessary (you get such big portion sizes that Brian and I will just share with her) but her food reactions in her skin have been so odd lately, that we wanted something kind of plain but still not the regular chicken fingers and fries bent. Thankfully they were cheap: we ordered a $2 chicken and rice dish and another $2 veggie dish that she loved, with leftovers to spare.

Lately I feel like we are hemmoraging money, between buying food and clothing for this girl, despite trying to be low cost but high quality about it. We've gone through lazy periods where we just ordered dinner or went out, and have way outspent our "weekend" budgets over the last couple of months. We do great sometimes, not so great others. I really want to challenge myself to be better about this!

In other hemmoraging money news, our flights are booked for San Francisco for April. Brian's ticket will be reimbursed, and our hotel will be paid for by his company for part of the time. As will our rental car. This is both exciting and terrifying: first time flying with Mina!

She continues to just be a joy: running around, talking more, playing more. She is a social and active kid, so I can see the terrible toddler challenges just around the corner. I've been reading the Dr. Sear's Discipline book (picked up at the library) for some tips on how to deal with this before it explodes, because winter is surely coming. The Happiest Toddler DVD is waiting for me now at the library to pick up. I may try and snag a copy there of the Toddler Whipserer. I'm not a must do it by the book kind of person, but all of these experts were very helpful to us in the earlier baby days.

Work is work. Dance is dance. Right now, we just try and get through our days. :) We had a fun celebration of Gram's birthday (complete with looking at old photos and home movies). We need to take more lengthy home movies so that we can share more than 2 minute youtube clips with our kids decades from now!
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I am told my feet will go up a 1/2 size or a whole size after pregnancy. I can always buy more shoes.

What makes me sad is my Fleuvogs! I have the cutest heels that aren't so comfy and I can't wear for long that no way in hell would fit. I've worn them 3x :/ Of course, I could always sell them.

More than anything, I hope I can still squish into my Angels - the tall black boots that Brian bought me as a college graduation present in 97. Not only are those kick ass boots that you can't find anymore (save for a stupid amount of cash on ebay), but they have such special meaning for me. At a time when neither of us had money and were still super-scenesters, this was the most amazing gift he could have given me.

Fleuvog quality is so wonderful that the boots are still in great shape. I guess if they don't fit at least I have my memories, and could sell on ebay or something.

Who knows, maybe I'll luck out. Not expecting that given my feet and their propensity to swell normally.

Going to a wedding today and curious what I'll find that fits. :)
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I went to try and find some maternity pants for work and the fall/winter. I have plenty of shirts and skirts to get me through this whole experience. Why is this so difficult?

Target has next to nothing (despite their offerings on their website). They had a pair that I liked but could use the next size up (which of course they didn't have). Motherhood Maternity had limited options - tons of shirts, less dresses, and only a couple of pant styles. Not a huge selection! I did manage to get one black pair that fit perfectly, and asked if they had them in other colors. The medium black fit me, but the medium gray and tan were too tight (of course, they didn't have any large gray or black for me to try).

I did get a couple pairs of tights to wear with the skirts and few dresses I have - post Labor Day we have to go back to wearing hosiery at work. They only had 2 pairs at Motherhoood maternity in my size! I have plenty of stockings but the garter belts won't fit anymore (and I don't trust the thigh high/stay ups to actually stay up).

I was told that some Baby Gaps have a small maternity section in them - not the one in Burlington. The Old Navy website said that the Burlington location sold maternity clothing - not so. I was feeling defeated and didn't have the cope to try the Kohls in that area also, as traffic worsened and I just wanted to get home. I hate shopping - I love to just run in, get my thing and get out of there. I have been putting this off for a long time. :)

We were out in Framingham/Natick last night so that Brian could hit the Walmart there and buy more foot lockers for yet more armor (Walmart had no maternity!), and we hit Savers. They had all shirts and a couple of dresses - no pants! I did pick up a tank top and an Old Navy Maternity Halloween t-shirt, though those won't help me for work pants. There was no time to try out the Old Navy there (supposedly the one in Framingham has maternity) or the Baby Gap in the Natick Mall (the store I was specifically told sold stuff there). We got out there by 7:00, had dinner and then only really had an hour to hit the places we needed to go. That Walmart is terrible and it is always a long, frustrating ordeal to get in and out of there. Not a Walmart fan, but sometimes they are the best option for armor storage/transport, unfortunately.

Who knew this would be so difficult. There is also the challenge of figuring out where the clothes would be: near the baby stuff? near the plus size? mixed in the regular women's section? I could of course get to sewing some things for myself, but messing with weird panels in pants and strange mixes of fabric (some stretch, some not) in the same garment isn't something I'm looking to do. My local thrift stores have had a lot of shirts and dresses, but little to no pants. I'm thinking that women only have a couple of pairs, wash them to death, and then have to throw them away when they are all done with the process. :)

Again, I'm doing quite well if this is my primary complaint about pregnancy at the moment. It would be less of an issue if my workplace wasn't so business. These are the cushy, second trimester worries!

I did bring a few things up to the attic despite our going out. We're going to get the donation and trash stuff out of there on Saturday morning (need Brian's truck to do it - a lot of stuff), will bring up the remaining stuff that needs to go in its spot, and then we'll have made huge headway in getting the babe's room organized. At some point we'll need to get a crib and a rug for there, but not until the other stuff is out.
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I found this blog via Dita Von Teese's Twitter feed, and have had a lot of fun reading the posts each day. These folks are inspiring!

Check out this one from today http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com/2011/05/advanced-styles-moment-of-divine.html . The guy that runs the blog completely coincidentally ran into two older ladies in NYC from England. They were in NYC because of his blog! So funny the way the world works sometimes. :)
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My fossil wallet got a water stain. Then the zipper tab broke off. Than the 'hook' part that held the zipper tab broke in half and was all pointy and scratchy.

I bought a new wallet today. A simple zipper style at the Marshalls near my office. It was a $130 L.A.M.B. wallet for $29. Simple, funky, tough, cheap. I heart Gwen Stefani and have wanted to pick up some kind of lamb goody for a while, so this is perfect. It's black and white ala Moon Records Ska (or something like that) - in "Checkerboard".

Googling around I found a purse discussion forum (who knew) with L.A.M.B. fans gushing over how these things started showing up at TJ Maxx and Marshalls back in early December. They were selling it for $50 and this managed to sit around for a while, hence being marked down to $29.

Whoot, or something. :)


Jan. 11th, 2011 09:10 am
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I hate shopping. I like having nice stuff and I have fun buying things for other people, but I'm fairly practical when it comes to myself. I like finding well made things that will last me forever so that I don't have to deal with buying another one. I do the research, go in to the store and purchase, done! I have a list and a plan and you should just get out of my way.

Given my chronic freezing feet, I splurged last year and bought some nice winter boots from LL Bean (Shearling Lined)! This year they started rubbing on one ankle causing blisters, because the stitching inside was coming out/more exposed. Bean has a great return policy, but they don't sell the same models of boots anymore. None of the ones they had were grabbing me, so I exchanged them yesterday (finally, after a couple of attempts only to find the store crazy) for some merch credit. I'll use them for snowshoes or Brian's snowpants or something later before our March trip with Gene, Stine and my parents to Mt. Cardigan for a lodge/hiking overnight. But I digress.

Given the impending storm I needed to find boots before tonight. I hate shopping (I said that, right). Burlington Kohls, nothing. Every store in the Burlington mall that has shoes, nothing. I did find some Timberlands I liked but nobody had my size (Journey's and Macy's carried them). The woman at Macy's informed me that it was a new and popular style and that they were flying off the shelves, and that I should get myself to either Downtown Crossing or Quincy to purchase a pair in my size ASAP (calling first to make sure they still had them and asking them to hold them for me).

The ironic thing is, Brian and I were at the Natick Mall on Friday night and I saw the same boots there and liked them (in the Timberland Store). But, I hadn't yet given Bean a chance and returned my old boots. After dinner last night I went back to Natick and wonder of wonders, they had them in my size http://shop.timberland.com/product/index.jsp?productId=10862021 . Zappos didn't have them and neither did Timberland online in my size, but Natick did. Whoot! Despite some bad accidents on 90 (I took Rt. 9 instead) I was there and had my shoes within 45 minutes. It definitely redeemed my view on buying things for myself.

I think mostly because it means I won't have to buy winter boots again, at least for a good long time. And they are Eco Friendly w/ recycled materials. Of course, let's just ignore the gas I spent driving in one day from Waltham to Woburn (work) to Burlington (shopping), home to Waltham and then out to Natick and back after dinner. Heh.

Bring on the snow!
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Since Christmas fell on a Saturday this year, I had Friday off. Yesterday's snow storm (we got around a foot) left me with one more day, making for one extremely long weekend! I was able to spend a good deal of time puttering around the house cooking, cleaning, organizing and a tiny bit of sewing. It was just heavenly!

We saw family on Christmas Eve at my Sister's house - I can't believe how big all of our nephews are getting! Brian and I were to sleep in the spare bedroom, i.e. Hugho's room, so the two of us slept squished on a small bed with a large Boxer between us. It seemed like a quieter, more meaningful Christmas this year since people seemed to favor the time and the food over the presents.

We watched a lot of movies and TV over the weekend, which is leaving me feeling like a bit of a mush brain because it's not something I typically do. The Dr. Who Christmas episode was great this year (their version of A Christmas Carol, of sorts). Since Brian has been catching up on Smallville it has been all Superman all the time in our house, so we watched the original 1978 movie (holds up wonderfully). Ironically enough, there was a 2-hour documentary on the History Channel on the history of Superman which we watched, which lead us to learn about (and find on the internet) a 70s Superman musical. It was terrible! It was worse than the Star Wars Holiday Special and has a similar fame (aired once on TV, never to be spoken of again). Thankfully, watching the Lost Boys #3 that we had borrowed from our friend Justin a long time ago finally redeemed our weekend. It was just the right amount of cheese, just the right amount of nodding to the original (such a great movie).

This was the first snow storm of the season requiring much intervention from us, and our little snowblower that could (Toro! Toro!) did an excellent job quickly clearing out the 3' pile that the city plows left on the end of the driveway. We are petsitting for our friends Krista and Sean and managed to time things such that their new downstairs neighbor had cleared the driveway already (he let us go through his apartment into the house to get to the cats, since the front wasn't cleared yet). And I had to stop by my old childhood home a few blocks away to check and make sure there was enough water in the boiler. The house has a single steam heat (gas) system, and they were going through a ton of water having to fill it each day, since some of the release valves on the 2nd floor radiators were open too much or were defective. It's still odd to me that there are two apartments in my formerly single-family home. We passed Gram's old house on the way back to ours to see the young couple that lives their now clearing the snow. Part of me is sad that we weren't able to buy her house, but I'm glad that it's got some new life with a young couple and their young child.

It's all about snow and cold lately. This weekend I noticed that my schmancy shearling LL Bean boots that I purchased last year have some stitching coming apart near the ankle, rubbing on my heel just on the left side, and threatening to cause a blister. I went to the Burlington store during my lunch hour to day to see if I could return them and buy something else - bad mistake! There was a huge, huge line and I'm guessing, not much of a selection to buy from too. Hopefully things will return to normal over the next couple of weeks. I'd like to have new, comfy and warm boots to wear on our NYC trip in February. My challenge is always finding something attractive, and comfy, and waterproof, and warm.

NYC! What should we check out? We are crossing our fingers that Spiderman the Musical actually opens safely and that we can see it.

Dinner with some peeps from the dance studio tonight. I've always wanted to check out South Pacific http://www.yelp.com/biz/south-pacific-newton-highlands and some ladies from the studio are going in lieu of our dance class (we are on break until the new year). Oh my body will be happy to get back to class and back to the gym!


Jul. 15th, 2009 10:37 am
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I wouldn't be a good townie if I didn't post about this http://www.wbur.org/2009/07/15/yolandas . There are some excellent pictures of her with famous people showing her in her typical always put together way.

Miss Peggy was a huge patron of Yolanda's store and a friend. For years some of her grandchildren took at the studio, and you could easily pick her out from the auditorium by her hair or hat or outfit (this was back when we performed at the High School, and it's quite a large 3-section theater).

There was a year that we took up a collection from studio folks for a gift certificate for Miss Peggy, and my Mom and I went to the store to pick it up with a friend of Mom's who was a regular patron of the store. WOW! This was a long time ago and before (I think) she was taking the coordinated wedding planner approach to business, but I remember how amazing the store looked right when you walked in the front door, how bling the 'casual' (or as Miss Peggy would call it, "basic") clothing was, and how funky the hot tub room in the basement was when we got a tour, kind of like you were sitting in the middle of a tropical jungle or something (there was a small women's workout/spa in the lower level, complete with juice bar).

I'm all for comfort and practicality and I wouldn't be a customer of Yolanda's myself. I was a budget bride, and shopping at Yolanda's wasn't thinkable when I was planning by own wedding. A friend of mine worked for Yolanda doing event-planning kinds of duties and I think I heard enough of the insider crazy stories from her, which would also prevent me from shopping there. The end of this era was predictable given the way things go and the way people are nowadays (much more informal, less concerned with fashion as she mentions tattoos and no hosiery in brides to be). I think that she's bowing out gracefully in the way that would be expected of such an icon (assuming she's much like Miss Peggy was in real life).

It still makes me sad in a way, though.
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Something that I can have fun with:

Anyone want to help me tame this crazy curly mess into a 40's do'? :)
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http://www.macysmakeover.com/videos was in Burlington recently, and a friend of mine auditioned to get into it (501st people will know her as TK Margarita). She didn't get picked, because she's already done a bit of a drastic makeover of her own, but she did get to sit there in the front row. Its nice to see a makeover show with a local flair (Clinton Kelly calls the Boston people 'salt of the earth' kind of down to earth folks). Margaret did ask him a question about wearing belts, and you'll see him give her answer at about 4 minutes in to the show (she's sitting right opposite him, and turns around to smile at her own personal 'makeover coaches' sitting in the seats behind her.


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