Jan. 23rd, 2013 09:12 am
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Mina slept well last night! She did wake around 1:30 AM, cried, actually stood up in the crib and walked to the door side of it, waiting for us to come in. We let her cry for a minute or so and the cries got weaker, she laid down, and put herself back to sleep.

Either she's getting over this cold, getting a break from the teething, ate enough during the day, or it is warmer in there. :/

We have steam heat and the radiators aren't so easy to regulate, even by playing with the valves. Also, there is some weird connection between the radiator in her room and the radiator in Brian's office/collectibles/junk room. He shut off the heat in his room and it resulted in her's being shut off! Our house is well insulated, but the heat rises and sits in the 2nd floor, not escaping the roof or walls because they are all insulated. Our first floor is just comfortable, and our second floor is a sauna. She sleeps just with a sleeper and we have the ceiling fan going, to keep it comfortable. With the heat off in that room, it was too cold in there. Maybe that was the culprit? Brian thought for some reason that it would still work in there, despite the other valve being closed in his room, but that was not the case. I love the noise, love the moist heat, love having big, warm boxes to put wet gloves on. But the awkwardness of an old steam heat system has its challenges. Either way, it was nice not to get up every two hours with her!

Her 12 month Pedi appointment is next Monday, so we'll have a laundry list of questions related to sleep, food, drink and colds/ear infections.

Humpty! It is cold out (brr) but I'm going to venture to the grocery store during lunch for some supplies. And a semi-permanent hair color (assuming they have a good/naturalish one at Whole Foods). That is easy to apply. Most of the henna kits I've seen in the past are too much work. I want something I can squeeze from a bottle onto my head, wait and rinse. Any suggestions? I have more and more single white hairs coming in at the top of my head and would like them to be more tinted/highlight colored. :)


Aug. 14th, 2009 02:18 pm
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I have to figure out how to put 1940s victory rolls into my hair. My curly/frizzy/all different lengths/mind of its own hair.

How would you tackle this?


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