Jan. 30th, 2014 01:16 pm
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On Monday I took Mina to her 2 year Pediatric appointment. She is big both height and weight-wise, but she is following along her percentile happily (she's actually dropped weight, proportionally). She's talking like crazy, very expressive, and we've gotten a hold for the most part on her sensitive skin issues. Colds/infections are less frequent.

She did have bloodwork, and it turns out she is slightly anemic! I'm right on the cusp: never diagnosed with it, but am always right there. So it doesn't surprise me. We could surely get more greens in our life. We do eat a good deal of good-quality (CSA) grass-fed beef, but that is a teeny portion of our diet. And the girl loves her dairy. Too much of that can contribute to anemia.

The Pedi suggested we give her 1/2 of a Flinstones Complete with Iron each day. Looking at the ingrediants, oh boy the crap that is in there! Not to mention sugar.

A coworker suggested checking out Whole Foods, and they do have some dye/crap free alternatives, but none with enough iron. 1/2 a Flinstones has 9mg of iron. The basic natural kid's vitamin with any iron has either 2 or 5.5 mgs. They did point out an iron-supplement, capsules with liquid in them, safe for kids. They are 20 mg, so we'd need to break open and take out around half of the liquid for her. Too much iron in a young kid can be very dangerous.

In an ideal world our diet would make up for all of this, but despite best efforts, we fall short.

I'm going to poke online a bit for another alternative. Any tips? A coworker did mention that perhaps the crap in the Flinstones would be a better alternative to anemia, and that we all took them as kids.

Have any of you parents dealt with this? Thanks in advance!

Related, her bloodwork for lead came back <3 this year, well under accepted limits. It was <1 last year, but now that she's into more stuff, it makes sense that it would be elevated.

Now the act of holding her so that they could actually take that blood: not fun at all. They went for a vein, and I had to hold her while she screamed and watched them take quite a bit of it. Thankfully, we aren't due back for a routine appointment now, for another year! Just crazy.
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I saw the NP at my PCP's office last Friday afternoon. She said she most definitely thinks the itchy, strange rash I have is an allergic reaction to something. She met with me for quite a while actually, asking questions and talking things out with me.

She is wondering if it is something related to our Xmas tree, either the tree itself or something on the tree (they can carry mold). It always comes before Xmas, and goes along soon after. We talked about a food related thing, something I may eat more of during the holiday season (nuts, mint) but she said that given I eat those things at other times during the year and don't have an issue, she doesn't suspect those.

We reviewed the results of my allergy test from 15 years ago. They did check for various trees, but no pine/spruce/fir, so there is potential there. Even when Brian and I had a fake tree for a while, we would buy a wreath for inside of our front door so that we'd still have the nice smell. I'll be so sad if we have to go back to all fake in the house, but I do not enjoy this rash. I did have a documented mold allergy, so maybe it is not the tree but some kind of mold coming in with it. Either way, it would explain a lot of things.

She said my skin isn't dry, and doesn't see any excema signs, and doesnt' see any red flags about products I'm using. She referred me to an allergist for another test. The one in Wellesley (where my PCP's office is) wasn't free until February, but they were able to get me in to see another in the network in Boston in Post Office Square on Friday 1/3. They are going to do a regular skin test like the last time, but specifically check for things I may be encountering this time of year. The body can also change, so who knows what we'll find.

She said all I can pretty much do is try and treat the symptoms and figure out what's causing this so that I can take steps to avoid it in the future. She suggested I try an antihistamine, and I had the generic zyrtec at home. That helped a bit. I had also picked up a Nature's Gate Collidal Oatmeal lotion to replace the Kiss My Face stuff that surprisingly had some yucky stuff in it according to the cosmetics database (the Nature's Gate only rated a 2, where the Kiss My Face rated a 6 or something like that, woah!). I've stopped using my Jessi Curl detangler, because there were nasty things in there rating a 7 (preservatives known to upset allergies and to cause liver damage). I'm just putting extra conditioner in my hair after I get out of the shower and leaving it in there, a Jason no-fragrance product that rated a 2 or 3 on the cosmetics database registry. Even with dry/winter weather, its doing well. I'll be happy to be simplifying my products/routine.

Don't you feel better to know about all of this now?

I was so excited to get a real tree again, but my health/comfort/sanity is more important than all of that. I'm just glad we didn't give away our old fake tree already!
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Our girl has sensitive skin and is prone to rashes. She's experienced excema and fungal/yeast rashes. The latter comes quite frequently, but we've figured out how to keep on top of it and get rid of it quickly before it becomes out of control and painful. She gets it in her diaper area and rolls of her body. Last summer her rashy/rolly area was her thighs. Before that, her neck. Now it is her armpits.

This time around though, a rash had spread around her body and her armpits were pretty bad, despite what we kept doing to keep up with it. It wasn't getting worse, but wasn't getting better either. Her armpits and diaper area were itchy, but the rest of her body didn't seem to be bothering her.

We took her to the Pedi on Friday and they gave us an antibiotic for her armpits and told us to alternate that and the antifungal we've been using with the yeast flares up.

They told us the rest of her thought, was covered with this . Brian has it on his arms, and never gave it much thought.

Makes sense. I'm skeptical with skin issues, since I've had a couple of bouts of odd ones that despite going to dermatologists were never figured out. We'll just try and keep her gently cleaned and moisturized and see what happens.


Aug. 14th, 2013 10:22 am
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Picked up myfitnesspal again. Gym today.


Jan. 23rd, 2013 09:12 am
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Mina slept well last night! She did wake around 1:30 AM, cried, actually stood up in the crib and walked to the door side of it, waiting for us to come in. We let her cry for a minute or so and the cries got weaker, she laid down, and put herself back to sleep.

Either she's getting over this cold, getting a break from the teething, ate enough during the day, or it is warmer in there. :/

We have steam heat and the radiators aren't so easy to regulate, even by playing with the valves. Also, there is some weird connection between the radiator in her room and the radiator in Brian's office/collectibles/junk room. He shut off the heat in his room and it resulted in her's being shut off! Our house is well insulated, but the heat rises and sits in the 2nd floor, not escaping the roof or walls because they are all insulated. Our first floor is just comfortable, and our second floor is a sauna. She sleeps just with a sleeper and we have the ceiling fan going, to keep it comfortable. With the heat off in that room, it was too cold in there. Maybe that was the culprit? Brian thought for some reason that it would still work in there, despite the other valve being closed in his room, but that was not the case. I love the noise, love the moist heat, love having big, warm boxes to put wet gloves on. But the awkwardness of an old steam heat system has its challenges. Either way, it was nice not to get up every two hours with her!

Her 12 month Pedi appointment is next Monday, so we'll have a laundry list of questions related to sleep, food, drink and colds/ear infections.

Humpty! It is cold out (brr) but I'm going to venture to the grocery store during lunch for some supplies. And a semi-permanent hair color (assuming they have a good/naturalish one at Whole Foods). That is easy to apply. Most of the henna kits I've seen in the past are too much work. I want something I can squeeze from a bottle onto my head, wait and rinse. Any suggestions? I have more and more single white hairs coming in at the top of my head and would like them to be more tinted/highlight colored. :)
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Mina has had a horrible time sleeping lately. As in, she's woken up every two hours or so. We were convinced on Friday morning that she needed to see the doctor for an ear infection, but indeed she did not. Teething? Crankiness with a cold?

She's fully on cow's milk now, and we are trying to figure out the shift from baby to toddler. Bottles to cups. Less solid food to more solid food. We are trying to let her take the lead, giving her a balanced diet, and making sure she's eating enough. But not too much. This is an ongoing challenge. Sometimes she wants a bottle when she wakes in the night and sometimes she doesn't. We have a bit of forumula power left, so that's what she has when she wakes up in the middle of the night.

We do get some bouts of sleep and peace in between, but I know it is short-lived. She seems to get a cold every month and a half or so. Or teething. Usually both at the same time.

I'm considering looking into craniosacral massage for her. It couldn't hurt, right? She appears to have chronic sinus issues, where it drains into her right ear (always the right), just like her mamma. If some slight massage could help prevent some of that, it would be wonderful. Do you have any suggestions of this in the Boston area?

The pedi said that kids end up with tubes when they have chronic infections in their ears, most of the time, that don't respond to antibiotics. She hasn't had *that* many, and she does respond to the second level of antibiotics. The amoxicillin wasn't cutting it but the augmentin does. Poor muffin.

But our girl is one now! She had a great party with her closest loved ones. I cannot believe we have a toddler on our hands now. Just nuts!
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The thing that I think that has been the hardest for me as a parent, is dealing with trial and error when it comes to issues of Mina's health or comfort.

I know that the body isn't always so much of a predictable science.  I know from my own experience, that it takes paying attention, trying things out, observation and time sometimes to get an answer.  I still don't have answers to some of the strange ailments I've had in life.  You heal and move on.

But doing this with my child while she is crying in pain (or sleep deprived, or starving) - it is something I hate more than anything I've ever hated before.  Her current issue is a common one, rashy bum.  Why it happened, we can only guess (or try and remove the possible irritants and wait and see).  How to heal it, we can only try different methods and ointments and wait and see.  In the meantime, our muffin is a sad baby.  It kills me.  I work with doctors, and I know that a diaper rash is a common ailment that most often just needs time and at-home remedies.  I don't want to be that guy, calling the doctor every hour, asking them to fix my kid for something that is so common (and relatively, simple). At the same time I just want to scream at the world to fix it for her, and make it better already!

I cannot fathom how parents deal with these feelings in their children that have much more serious battles to face.  My heart goes out to them.  I know that we gotta keep our cool for the kid's sake.  As Brian and I tried to change and console a rashy, oozing, screaming child last night I could hear the tears in his voice.  It is so hard to try and be tough when you are just dying inside, seeing them in so much discomfort.  And this was just for a stupid diaper rash.

In this holiday season I am thankful for our health and comfort, for our friends and family, for a good job and the means to help provide for all of this.  I am excited to be a part of this club - the doing the best you can, figuring it out as you go along, so much in love it hurts parenting club.  It is so overwhelming sometimes.

Much love to you and yours this season, and wishing you peace from whatever ails you.


Dec. 12th, 2012 11:52 am
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I started using again (last time in there was 2009).  Oh boy! Pad Thai leftovers and Brian's work holiday dinner (tonight) don't make for a healthy eating day.  I didn't plan well and don't have things to go to the gym during my lunch hour.

I did go to dance class last night, and have class again tomorrow.  Tomorrow is another day. :)
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My time nursing Mina is done.

I have been nursing her 2x a day for quite a while (once in the morning, once at night - either right after work or right before bed). Lately she hasn't been too interested in it. She is an active, engaged kid and the last thing she wants is a boob in her face when there are exciting things going on around her.

For a long time we've called my breastfeeding her a "boobie snack" ala Scoobie Doo. Quantity wise, the milk she's been getting from me at these times though still liquid gold (human milk goes for something like $5 an ounce or something) and filled with nutrients and snuggle time, she's been getting less and less of it. Your body makes less of it if your child is demanding less of it. We are after all, efficient machines! She would eat for shorter and shorter times, or sometimes she'd not be interested at all. Something clicked for me this week. With the rare times where she is kind of emotionally needy (super tired, too much stimulation and needs just to tune out, or sad and hurting due to teething) it was *me* putting this nursing on her. Sure, sometimes she'd want to do it, but it seemed more because there was a boob in her face and less because she wanted to do it. She sought it out on Monday, but really, I think that a bottle or just snuggling quiet with her would have sufficed to calm her.

Mornings are tough when we are trying to get up, showered, breakfasted and boob the baby before work. Evenings are tough when we are trying to get dinner, bath, things done, me off to dance class on Tuesday and Thursdays and then boobing the baby (yes, "boob" and "boobing" have become verbs in our home). She slept over at my sister's house last Saturday and so she didn't boob that night or morning. My right side was super swollen Sunday morning having not been emptied (and I didn't pump - as my supply has been less and the frequency of feedings less, it has not been necessary to pump when I am away from her), so I fed her around noon or so when we got home for a bit (she didn't want it for too long, but it took some pressure off me). Since then I've been trying to do the 2x a day thing, but most often she just isn't interested after a couple of minutes.

All along I wanted to nurse until it just didn't feel right anymore. I had so many issues early on that I've posted about here. I still have scars on my nipples from the early cracking/bleeding/infection I had (who knew that I'd have a bad reaction to the lanolin stuff that everyone tells you to slather on) and I wonder if they will ever not be visible. I'm a bit more droopy, a bit more stretch marky. But I knew that breastfeeding wasn't about pretty breasts (that's what foundation garments are for, right?!).

I gave - literally - of my self for my daughter to have the best stuff available while it worked for us to do so. Starting to wean earlier this summer just killed me. I was really happy to not have to pump at work anymore though (and it made our Star Wars Celebration trip easier, less pumping required for me). It was such a relief to drop those sessions. Despite trying all the right things, talking to the right people, throwing a lot of money at the problem between different nursing pillows, a stool for my feet, tea and supplements, meditation, all the right 'stuff' with me for pumping, different sized flanges and paying out of pocket to see a lactation consultant (oh, and renting a hospital grade pump), I STILL had such issues letting down to the pump. When I was exclusively nursing, I'd have no issue feeding her and producing on the weekends. She'd eat at will and be satisfied. Pumping, I was always killing myself to keep up with her bottles at daycare. Of course, they tend to drink more in the bottle than at the boob (something about all the fat being mixed together in the bottle - think unhomogenized milk), where the super heavy fat naturally in the boob's hindmilk tells the baby that they are done on that side and they stop drinking). But I digess.

I still cannot adequately express what an amazing, primal connection this whole experience has been. When right after she was born and she was placed on my chest still covered in goo, and she went rooting around and just latched on like a champ while my husband, my mom and I all sobbed over what had just taken place in that room. In those early days where she was so tired she would fall asleep nursing, and so she was pretty much eating all freaking day long to get adequate nutrition (remember when our girl was underweight?!). On those horrible nights of teething when the only thing that would calm her was to be on my boob, in our bed. When she would scream at the Pedi after immunizations, and putting her on the boob would calm her there. Feeling her teeny body on my lap or looking at her all peacefully passed out due to a milk coma on the Boppy or curled into the nook of my lap/belly in bed, nursing while half asleep. It has just been amazing. I'm a snuggly person, and sometimes the experience was too intense for me.

I knew I could not nurse her forever. I wasn't setting out to meet X months or years. I figured, we would all know when it was time to move on. And so it is.

I am finally, truly OK with this. Not needing to worry about nursing her before and after work will be a small lift. Wearing underwire bras again will be nice. I took a decongestant today for the first time in forever, as even the ones safe for their impact on breast milk can still have a decreasing effect on your supply!

Seeing her grow and become less a baby and more a little person, and seeing her have no interest in this anymore. It is both exciting and sad.

For all of the work, pain, exhaustion and see-sawing emotions, I am so glad I gave this a chance and stuck it out as long as I did. Just amazing! I will look back on the photos of her nursing and listen to the little iphone sound clip of her doing it probably well into her adult years. My little boob monster.


Sep. 20th, 2012 10:20 am
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My boss has recently gone through a health transformation of sorts, and told us about a smart phone app from these folks Brian and I have been having fun using it at the supermarket on any processed foods we are considering buying.

Foods are rated A-F, with A being the best and F the worst. It helped us at BJs to find some good breakfast cereal options (yes processed isn't best, but sometimes you just don't have the time to cook some oatmeal or some eggs).

Today's realization: there aren't any good granola bars, least that I could find scanning for a bit at Stop and Shop this morning. The best I could find was a C rating (Cascadian Farms organic) which was at least better than most of the bars that were Ds and Fs. Time for better easy snack options. I think Brian will need to get used to eating pieces of fruit and that kind of thing. He had such unhealthy foods as a kid that just grabbing an apple or that kind of thing doesn't seem like "food" to him. :)
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The Maiden/Alice Cooper show was a lot of fun, but staying up for it was so difficult! These days, 10PM is a late night for us with Mina getting up through the night and being awake for the day at 6:00 AM. We paid for VIP parking to get out of there early and with a show ending at 11:00 in Mansfield we were in the car, out and home in an hour. Katie was so gracious to sit for us, and thankfully Miss Mina treated her well. We took the next day off to recuperate thank goodness. Mina went to daycare and we bummed around/got things done (I had to be home every 3 hours or so to pump).

Later that week I had my cards read by a friend of a coworker. It was a neat experience, and definitely hit on a lot of things going on for me right now. Most interesting was that she said that Mina was a gem and would be a super easy/pleasant kid, and would be very empathetic in her life. But, she said that something in her room wasn't letting her sleep well. She told me that we should sprinkle some sea salt in the corners in particular, and ask the bad stuff to go and the good stuff to stay (she particularly wanted us to do that - she said there was a lot in the room but not all of it was negative). She said that Mina wants to sleep well, but something in the room won't let her. I talked about it a bit with my bestie (a practicing Pagan who has done some house blessings for others) and on Friday night (my birthday too), Brian and her hubby took Mina out for a walk while she and I went to work in Mina's room. She has a good sense for energies in places, and had some interesting things to say about the space. She had been in there to help us paint a month before Mina was born, and hadn't sensed anything back then, but now, she said there was a lot going on - the room was stuffy and she wouldn't have been able to be restful in there herself. There were some happy/dancing/laughing "spirits" - kind of like fairies running around. But over them, there was this fierce/protective/domineering/controlling kind of spirit. We did a little ritual in there to try and cleanse the 'angry/forceful' going on, and asked only the gentle, creative, nurturing to stay (whatever was for the highest and best for the family). Mina slept like a log that night. But not so great the night after. And then on Sunday night oh boy!

She's super drooly, still no teeth yet but the girl is a saliva machine. She woke up choking on it, and went into a hysterical crying/screaming fit. Oh my god, I've never been more nervous or moved so fast. Brian ran in and grabbed her and she wouldn't settle. I held her and still the same - just frantic crying/screaming. I took her into bed and gave her a boob, and she started to calm down. She was so worked up that she was hyperventolating. It took her a couple of hours to settle, and then she woke up every hour or so after that (and was basically on my boobs all night).

Which brings me to my recent more serious debate about weaning. She has a very tough time eating in the summer heat. She's miserable. She's so squirmy/awkward/distracted. There is that, and the fact that I've gone out a couple of nights and been away from her, to have huge/sore boobs and then had to pump in the middle of the night before going to bed. And then we'll be away from her in August for Star Wars Celebration for 4 days, which if I'm still breastfeeding would require going back to my hotel room every few hours to pump. Not sure how I'd handle doing it around the airport (3 hour flight, need to get to the airport a couple of hours early). Ouch. She will be starting food soon and so will get less milk in the day anyway. She gets bottles at daycare. So I decided to finally, officially, for real start the weaning process. I'll drop 1 feeding in the middle of the day and go that way for a week. Then drop another for another week. Then another. I pump 3x during the work day, and could stop there. I could continue to breastfeed outside of work and at least reduce the pumping or feeding times. Or I could keep going. At least, it is not all or nothing. Since Saturday I've skipped her mid-day feeding (and today skipped the pumping).

I'm sad (cried last night) but also feeling lighter. I'm sad I'm "giving up" at 6 months and also amazed that I've made it this far. And I keep telling myself, I can still do it at night/early morning if I want.

I had to skip Saturday's feeding because I had found a lump in my breast, which showed up more if it was full of milk. I had to go in for an exam with my midwife that day. She suggested I have an ultrasound which was this morning. Everything is fine - it is just a full milk duct. But since I had dropped one on Saturday, I dropped one on Sunday (I gave her the bottle at that time so that I could get some snuggling in - she was so much calmer than on the breast, we were outside in the heat). Yesterday I was with a friend at this time and it was so, so hard (and I almost gave in and breastfed her), but I did it. I was proud of myself and felt kind of liberated but then I was sad and guilty in the afternoon. I tried to feed her before bed but she was so cranky/hot/distracted that she would only eat for 5 minutes. So Brian gave her formula, and after she was in bed and our guests had left I pumped (poorly). After all of this time using a hospital-grade pump while at work, my letdown still sucks. I had to pump this morning before the ultrasound when I'd normally be pumping at work, and came into work and skipped the mid-day pumping.

Such weird feelings that I was not expecting to feel. I love breastfeeding her and I hate it. I know that it is healthier but then she has such a hard time with it sometimes, I wonder if my emotions have been forcing this on her when she'd be much more relaxed with a bottle. Sometimes. Sometimes it is just a joy.

So yeah, there you go. Lots going on!

Saturday we'll be away from her overnight for the first time to go to the last showing of RHPS at midnight in Harvard Square. We had a hard time at the Maiden show, so this should be interesting! She'll be sleeping at my sister's house, where she'll spend those 4 nights in August. So weird.


Jun. 20th, 2012 09:11 am
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I went to my first Zumba class last night: SO MUCH FUN! I can't imagine how we will sweat up there once the temperature heats up higher. I'm not sure if and when the summer ballet classes will come into play, but for now, Zumba will be on Tuesday nights.

We got our first call from daycare today, and I can't get in touch with Brian! Her pacifier that lives there was misplaced somehow. They called to ask if Brian had taken it somehow when he picked her up - she is crying/wants to chew and they don't have one for her. Since I'm up in Woburn and Brian is in Waltham, I've been trying to get him to bring one by for her, but e-mail, phone and text have not come through. It's not life and death, but does confirm my concerns about him being hard to get in touch with in real time (despite being such a 'connected' guy). If you are his coworker and are seeing this would you mind poking him please? :)

It is girl's night tonight. I missed my muffin while at Zumba.

I'm not sure, but I want to eat all of the things today. Carbs too. I need more veggies in my diet!


Jun. 19th, 2012 03:18 pm
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We had a fun, albeit busy weekend. Mina slept like a champ on Saturday night, poor exhausted girl! Sunday was busy busy also: after Father's Day brunch with the family in NH we checked out the new outlet mall in Merrimack. We weren't big fans and I feel kind of dirty for having gone there. I'm not anti-consumerist or anything, but it was quite new and very hot, and the best word I could think of to describe the architecture and store selection was "soulless". Like an outlet mall would have a soul in the first place? It wouldn't but the setup of the place left us thinking we would probably not return. We're fans of Tilton and Conway it seems.

Yesterday was Mina's last group with We had a great experience, and will be in the next session come mid-July. She's really quite vocal and is really trying to move. She's rolling around like a champ and can inch along the floor on her belly if she has something to push off of with her feet. She's sitting too, leaning forward on her hands like a tripod but not strong enough yet to sit up unassisted. I can't believe that she is 5 months old already!

This weekend we'll catch Rock of Ages and the following weekend plan to try and bring Mina for her first Hampton Beach trip. I want lobster for my birthday!

Our White Mountains trip is the third weekend of July. I can't believe that we are already getting to the end of June. Time flies, even more now that we're busy taking care of a babe.

There will be some combination of zumba and ballet classes (I think) at the studio this summer. Tonight is my first time ever doing Zumba, whoot! It will be a billion degrees up there, so this should be interesting. In weight/fitness news, I'm only 3.5 pounds over my prepregnancy weight, so weird. Go breastfeeding for burning calories. I still struggle with trying to get in regular exercise since Mina has been born, and don't eat nearly enough veggies. I'm excited about the farmer's market and grilling seasons for helping with this.

6 weeks

Mar. 1st, 2012 08:17 am
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6 week follow up appt is today. Maybe ballet tonight?

Our eating/sleeping schedule still eludes and concerns me. As does my lack of time/skill/ease with pumping. Talking a pump class at Isis tomorrow.

I know we'll get there, but it's hard.

Wonder if I can manage a shower today? :/

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I'm being lazy and copying Brian's LJ post to share our birth story. Warning, there's some gross, labor related stuff in here.

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Jan. 15th, 2012 09:39 am
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The hives/rash is still going, not worse and not better. My face is so swollen that I look about 15 years older around my eyes. Fun. So swollen that reading is - interesting. I can't wait to have this baby and see if it resolves.

I was crampy all day Friday and stayed home on my last day of work thinking that this may be the start. All freaking day! Then at night I was up every hour - not sure if it was due to the cramping, or the rash, or the fact that I tried to sleep in my own bed again. I would last an hour on my side, get up because my hips/pelvis were killing me, try and pee, and get on the other side. An hour later repeat. So much for trying to sleep on the bed. That morning was when I woke up with scary old lady eyes. Due to lack of sleep? Facial swelling? Who knows.

A couple of times in that night I felt an actual, quick, measureable, concrete contraction. There were two of them that caught me off guard. But that was it.

Yesterday was Saturday, and my eyes were puffy/wrinkled all day. I only had a couple of the crampy/numb periods like Friday, but none of those concrete, quick, measureable contractions. I slept on the loveseat again and did sleep much better, but still woke up with a swollen face and the scary eyes. They are more swollen feeling, and I can tell from looking out of them that reading/driving for a long ways wouldn't be effective. :/ I feel more rested, only got up a couple of times to pee (normal for a pregnant lady). Still, with the eyes. It is time to take another antihistamine and I may try a cold cloth on my face again, cool wet tea bags, maybe make a paste out of the Domeboro stuff (if the box says that's safe for the face) or the Aveeno Oatmeal bath as my midwife suggested.

I never thought I was vain (post teenage craziness) until this pregnancy. I don't want to leave the house but I don't want to sit in the house all day. I want to dress up but it is harder and harder to do that comfortably where I don't look like a moose in black on black on black (the pants that fit are black now, the shirts that don't accentuate this rash due to color or short sleeves are black. I am so freaking high maintenance. And crazy. Which I hate. "I can't win".

I am humbled by this whole experience, as I guess I should be.
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The subject is what Brian said, as he installed our car seat base (Graco Snugride 30) into my back seat. Andrew and Heather so graciously passed their's to us (not expired and never in a car accident). The hospital bag is being packed and just needs a couple more items until I put it in the trunk until whenever we'll need it. I can't believe that we are at this stage of the journey.

Putting my feet up has helped a good deal with my swelling. I just need to keep the momentum of this. Work days are the hardest, since I go a huge chunk of time with my feet under my desk. Having a couple of long holiday weekends in a row has been very helpful in this way. I only have 2 more work weeks to go anyway. Nuts.

We had a nice New Year's weekend, with some productivity, some friends and some relaxation. I'm hoping to get out and see family next weekend if things still haven't started up with labor (since they are all an hour away now). It is definitely odd that we're in Waltham and that they are all within a 15 minute drive of each other in Southern, NH. We're the city folks and they are the country folks. There have been such changes in our lives over the last few years.

I took some of the holiday decorations down today and they are on the dining room table, waiting to make their way to the attic. The tree, our front hallway banister and front porch are all that's left to disassemble, but I like enjoying the lights so for now I'm content to be lazy. I just want them all put away before we have our baby.

We went to Trader Joe's today to pick up groceries and some frozen/easy things to stockpile for post delivery. We had bulk-cooked a lot already (turkey soup, chili, a couple of shephard's pies, beef stew) and have added to that pile lasagna, veggie burgers, burritos, pizzas and some things I'm forgetting. Having Sharma's convenience store right across the street could not be more helpful (he even delivers now), and then there is always Pea Pod and take out. It isn't like we will never leave the house again, but I like setting things up so that we don't need to in those first few weeks unless we want to.

Folks have asked us about future plans: when will we troop next, what is Brian's next prop project, when will I go back to the dance studio, will we take the baby to Star Wars Celebration, etc. We're both content to just figure it out later as we adapt to our new life. It's funny to see people's insistence that we plan things now now now. This pregnancy has made me less of a control freak about my own life (which was necessary). It is interesting to see our relaxed method make *other people* somewhat uncomfortable. :)

Considering the edema in my legs, weird autoimmune reaction rash on my extremities, recent return of sinus craziness (rhinitis of pregnancy) and increasing difficulty to get my big belly and butt off of the loveseat (where I hang out to keep my feet up and sleep) I am feeling a lot better than I expected to at this point. I'm ready to be through with this experience, but also not ready enough to have my acupuncturist start moving things along for me (as of 38 weeks aka this coming Wednesday, she said it would be appropriate to do that so I desired). I'm trying to just relish the quiet time before things are turned upside down. So apropos that we are doing this right as the new year begins!
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Brian's review of our year made me sappy. I heart my dorky husband.

I miss sharing a bed with him and being easily able to snuggle into him, but the belly is big, and the loveseat is the best for getting the swelling in my legs down and adequately and safely supporting my back (I have yet to have back pain in this pregnancy, which I blame my amazing awareness of proper posture through years of ballet classes for and maybe strong abs from ballet and bellydance in year's past). I think we will both be ecstatic to be through this phase of our life together, special and bond-growing though it has been.

The rash on my body seems to be healing, albeit slowly. The weird thing is, there are times in the day that my skin just hurts. Swelling in my legs is down over the night since my feet are up above my heart, my legs are soft again and not rock hard (the analogy Brian made was, like a sausage when they are grilled and if you poked it, juice would squirt out). This has been the norm for my legs from ankle up to right above my knees over the last couple of weeks, until I made great efforts to sit for hours with my feet above my heart (it really is helping). Anyway, putting them up for a long time moves the fluid down in an interesting but strange way. My ankles are soft, then my calves, then around my knees, and there is this particular spot where there is a divide between soft and swollen body - so strange that I thought I was imagining it and I made Brian come and poke me to confirm I wasn't just seeing and feeling things last weekend. When this happens, I have to pee more (or I sweat, a lot). The human body is fascinating! Anyway, the rash: I put this ointment on and it feels good going on (albeit greasy). A few hours later though, my skin HURTS. My skin, not my legs/muscles. Swelling is down, but moving hurts because my skin around my knees, ankles and sides of my thighs hurts (where the worst of the rash has been, though the ointment is all over my extremities). The skin is hot to the touch in these places too. I'm going to try an experiment today, and try the California Baby Calendula stuff instead of the prescription ointment. I'll shower, rub this stuff in instead, put on some support hose, and maybe that will help with swelling and help the rash? Air is good for the rash, but the support hose may help with the swelling. They've suggested all along that I wear these, but the trick in, you have to put them on first thing in the morning before you even move from bed so that your legs are 'wrapped' before you get up and move around and swelling happens. My problem has been that until now, being in bed hasn't done anything to alleviate the swelling. Being on a loveseat over the last week though with my feet above my heart, I feel somewhat human in the morning (safe for the tender, achy skin). I'm having a hard time determining if my discomfort is due to swelling or rash or both, so I figure I'll do some experimenting. What's the worst that can happen, the rash comes back more hardcore. Been there, done that.

Put your feet up to relive edema, but exercise to relieve edema! Wear loose, light clothing when you're having a hot flash but keep that scary rash covered up with clothing! "I can't win" is my statement du jour, as I laugh (weakly). We've had a great sense of humor through a year's worth of fertility treatments, that I feel really silly for complaining now.

Such a strange, long year. Such a scary, exciting new year.
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It was nice to see Michelle again, and I did feel a bit better after our session. She is trying to treat the edema and the rash, by encouraging peeing (heh) and 'releasing heat trapped under the skin' (if I understood that correctly). She said I have had a deficiency in Yin (?) and run too hot, despite being cold often, so releasing that heat and bringing balance can help my skin to heal.

Or something. :) It was relaxing anyway, and makes me feel like I'm at least doing something to be more comfortable.

I'll see her next week again. And put my feet up a lot this weekend. And keep applying ointment.

No more dancing for me. I'll go up briefly tonight to drop some things for people. I need to put my feet up over my heart at night as much as I can, and dread the thought of bending my knees such given the swelling, just to get up those stairs to the studio.

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It is always so strange each year, with all of the preparation and anticipation how quickly the Christmas holiday comes and goes.

I've made a great effort to keep my feet up above my heart since last Thursday's prenatal appointment, and it really is making a big difference in my comfort. Brian has been a huge help through this whole process, and has taken over doing the things I normally would around the house so that I can stay off of my feet. The guy who didn't want to change a litterbox, would rather order takeout and would continue to wear the same t-shirt over doing laundry has been busy. It really does seem to be my body's way of preparing us for what is coming after this baby is on the outside.

We have exchanged our own gifts over the last few years on Christmas Eve morning/afternoon, before going up to my Sister's house for the family sleepover. We have a difficult time getting gifts for each other, because he gets what he wants when he wants it as a rule, and there don't tend to be a lot of things that I want for myself. I got him some nerdy Hallmark ornaments early this year before they sold out, a Sharktopus shirt from Her Universe (the only men's shirt they sell), some iPhone friendly gloves, a photo calendar (I do this each year), some Starbucks credit and some foodie things. Also, a little girls pleather biker jacket from Gwen Stefani's Target line (for us to put away until our baby is big enough to wear it, and match her Dad).

Brian went with a whole 'pamper Jodi' theme this year, complete with a sweet card with a sappy note for me about how it has been a tough year for me, and that he wanted me to try and relax and enjoy myself with this time I'm going to have at home with our new baby. He got me some bath products, a bunch of books, some iTunes credit and a stack of DVDs. There is a general 'lots of time spent in the house' vibe going for it, which was just perfect.

We've decided to stay in on New Year's Eve in favor of me keeping my feet up. We'll get dinner somewhere or order takeout, and watch something on the TV and ring in the New Year with our cats and our bunnies and our baby to be. A friend is having a New Year's Day brunch, so I'll be excited to get out and be social in a lower-key situation (also, a place where I can get myself comfortable and put my feet up if need be).

Nesting, indeed (literally), as I'm spending most of my time smooshed on the loveseat with a mountain of pillows (Brian has affectionately named "Mt. Doom"). Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray may perhaps be a good NYE distraction? :)

Have a great week folks, and a happy new year!


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