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It rains in our attic, this time through the chimney. It used to rain through the roof, cast iron vent pipe *and* the chimney, but now it's just coming in through the chimney after a new roof and many calls back and forth to the roofer over a period of years (until the figured out that the old cast iron vent pipe was cracked). I am sick if it raining in my attic.

I have an Angie's List membership but cannot for the life of me find a mason to call back. One finally did, only to tell us that the Masons are apparently slammed with work due to the crazy flooding we had a couple of months ago. He did finally come out and look at our chimney, which according to him doesn't need a lot of work (of course, he never came in the house so I'm not sure how he would know that). He's booked through November and said at that point it would be too cold to do the work, and suggested we give him a call next spring.

I don't know, I'm not a mason, but if it's raining in my attic I take that to be not a good thing. Am I being unreasonable?

Does anyone have a good reference for a Mason who does work in Waltham?
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Pictures from some living room decorating and Bob's cookout start here and go to the water fireworks:


May. 30th, 2009 06:12 pm
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I just came back from Dale's shower . She got a ton of lovely stuff and really seemed to love the Dr. Who bibs that made for her.

What a perfect weather day! I finally bought some plants and got them into the ground or into pots. We're going to see open for and tonight. We're trooping in Manchvegas tomorrow.

I'm off of work on Monday to get a new water heater installed (ours is 12 years old) and have my PT appointment for my old-lady arthritic hip in the afternoon. Party, or something. :)


Apr. 21st, 2009 08:46 am
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The parade was fun on Sunday - the weather was perfect! This was our 2nd parade with R2 roaming the street, and unfortunately he is so slow that it resulted in a huge gap behind the group in front of us and us. No more R2 driving along parade routes until he gets faster I think! Pictures can be seen on Andrew's flickr site here . We had folks back at our house after the parade and the last people left at 10PM - long day! I'm bummed we missed Greek Easter with EJ and Christina, but what can you do?

We're trooping Saturday at, doing some armor presentations and trying to show the relationship between the SW universe and real historical arms and armor. The museum seems to be doing some neat events like this, so if you can't make it on Saturday but are into this kind of stuff you should definitely check them out!

We leave in less than a week for our vacation and I can't wait. I'm not sure if all of my work is going to get done at work, but I've managed to stay in a kind of a Zen place and I'll be OK if some things have to wait until I return (my boss has assured me that this is OK).

I've had fun traveling and I'm excited about this vacation, but I'll also be excited to be back to 'normal' life again. There are lots of house projects, sewing projects and things of that like that I want to get back into.
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I had posted an update about a month or so after insulating our house, but here's another:

Nov 07 therms: 197
Nov 08 therms: 124

Dec 07 therms: 329
Dec 08 therms: 162*


I'm debating whether to stick with balanced billing because its going to take a while for them to adjust things down and lower our monthly payment. If we switch to useage billing the impact would hit right now, but its harder to budget that way. I am on top of the budgeting though. We're entering our time of highest typical useage (Jan and Feb). What would you do?
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Dancing at Ceremony
Friend schmoop
Tea on an over-tired morning
Dinner with the ladies from the studio tonight
Knowing I'll have a good car for tomorrow's snow storm

Our plumber won't touch the ventless gas fireplace we bought, and suggested we call a stove/fireplace shop to see if they'll install a 3rd party unit. After talking a bit last night Brian and I decided to return it to Lowes and shop around at some of the nearby fireplace/stove shops so that we can actually see the thing in action before purchasing. They'd be more up on laws/safety issues we may face and would install their own vouched-for units without question. I was really surprised actually that the Lowes didn't do installation or know anything about legalities, given their higher focus on service (compared to Home Depot). Going this route will be more costly, but we want this to be done right, safely and done only once. We weren't planning on getting one this year, but we got a bit excited about the prospect of a less expensive ventless model and the mantle was pretty, so we kind of jumped the gun. In the meantime, we still have our silly electric woodstove. :)


Oct. 20th, 2008 12:11 pm
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The energy audit guy is here and finishing up his stuff. He has a laptop and printer and will print out a report for me when he's done. Right now he's putting weather stripping around our front door (and will put some CFLs in the few places that don't have them).

All in all this was a neat experience. I guess a lot of what he'd be doing would be insulation related, so this is taking less time than planned (since our insulator is coming in 2 weeks anyway). Windows are good, appliances are good. Furnace is 9 years old and water heater 10 years. He told me that last month the rebate from National Grid went up for insulating, so we'll get $2k back rather than $750 - score! I have a short list of some things that were suggested, but nothing major.

He asked that I e-mail him to share how our energy useage has changed once the insulation is in, since he doesn't have a lot of hard evidence to share with people (given that our house had nothing, ours would be a good test).

Totally worth doing for free if your energy company covers it like mine does. If you're really concerned at your energy useage, I think it would be worth the $200 or $300 that they'd normally charge if it wasn't subsidized by your utility.


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