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Brian and I picked up the new Dita Von Teese book this weekend. They had a few copies at Barnes and Noble in the "Relationships" section (sna?) right next to the "Sexuality" section. Read more... )

I've definitely enjoyed reading the book for its insights into where Dita is coming from, the overview of burlesque and fetish scene history, and I have some things to take away for later (books to read, movies to see, interesting fasion items to seek out). It also leaves me curious to read Mr. Warner's autobiography that's been on our shelf for years (Brian read it when it first came out, but I still haven't). I can truly see how the couple may be two peas in a pod, each having something inside them that the outside mainstream world may find odd. Quite the cute, schmoopy, freaky couple! :)


Oct. 14th, 2005 08:26 am
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Manray is now gone (some pics, not mine):

Its weird, I miss going dancing and seeing friends and such, but the demise of that club kind of killed my desire to do the clubbing thing. I'm not saying I'll never do it, but I just don't have that drive I used to.
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Trooping pics from Saturday: . The NH Fisher Cats beat the Pawtucket Red Sox. I've never signed so many autographs (and on baseballs, bats and t-shirts no less)! The Fisher Cats are going to make a donation to Katie as thanks for us being there. The environment is definitely more relaxed and family friendly than a game at Fenway Park. They even had fights with Sumo Suits on the Field! And Frisbee Dogs! And good weather.

Lots have posted about closing in its current location. Very weird. I started going at age 18 (when I was first old enough to get in) and its been 12 years since then. Brian and I first flirted around the club after meeting through RHPS a year or so before (when he still wore plastic vampire fangs and wore purple fishnet). We were attending the fetish nights before we were even 21 because he used to vend leather and chainmail goods with 'Her Majesty's Fetish' on an at least monthly basis. Its gotten kind of old over time, but its something I'd always expected would be there to go to on a bored Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night or when there was a cool theme and friends were to be out. We'll definitely hit it before the end of the month. We didn't go Friday because nobody had mentioned going (and since Brian doesn't dance, if we don't have friends there, there is no point in him going). I have mixed feelings about it all. It will open elsewhere, but it won't be the same. Still, change is good sometimes. Maybe this is the kick in the ass that the scene needed?

We didn't get to the VT faire yesterday for various reasons (lack of funds, lack of garb, my sour mood). Instead we got some errands done, I bought some shorts (finally) and we spent time together around the house catching up on the DVD pile, cooking dinner (a glazed ham with rhubarb chutney), taking a long walk to the nearby cemetery to see the wild rabbits, and finishing the night bonding with the cat and bunnies at home.

We also learned that we have a new furry tenant in the house of the rodent variety! Our 20 year old diabetic cat is pretty much useless to get at it and since I've always had cats to kill or scare away the mice I haven't had to deal with this much (save for a brief cat-free time as a kid with my parents). There's now some bright poisonous Dcon mouse food under our kitchen sink (where the little critter made his nest with paper towels that they discovered somewhere, as we learned when we pried off the toe kick to explore). I feel bad about it, but don't want a mousie-condo under my sink either. We'll see what happens in a couple of days.


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