A New Year

Jan. 2nd, 2008 09:15 am
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Quote of the Day: "What you declare, you will achieve".

Along those lines, I've gained wait over the last couple of months, like almost 10 pounds! I will lose it over the next few months. In financial improvements, we need to start moving credit card balances around, transferring to save some interest.

I finally got my invite for http://www.ravelry.com/ - I'm so excited! Do any of you have favorite groups? What's your username so I can add you as a friend? I'm dancerjodi.

From http://freewillastrology.com/
In the fifth century B.C., the culturally rich city-state of Athens was a democracy, while militaristic Sparta was a dictatorship. But they put aside their differences and came together in a great collaboration to fight off the Persian invasion of Greece. I suspect you may make a similar move in 2008, Cancerian. A person or institution you have regarded as an adversary could become your ally. An influence from which you have always set yourself apart may help you pull off a feat of strength you couldn't have done otherwise.

An interesting article about alternative fuel in MA.
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We laid pretty low this past weekend. Brian has been on call and I've been cautiously tending a cold (it went away, but on Sunday seemed to come back). We got a ton done around the house. I read an entire book save a few pages (I'll post a review when I finish during my lunch hour). I'm looking forward to 2006.

Goals will include spending more time with friends, cooking more at home and continuing to get things in order (house, finances, health). I'm hoping to do this while at the same time keeping a less crazy schedule. Life's just too short, and all that!

Will any of you be at Goffee on Thursday? Its been forever since we've gone, so I'd like to try this week if people are going to be around. I'll bring my knitting, where I'm going to move past the scarf stage and start practicing increasing and decreasing and following some kind of basic pattern.
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Yeah, I know that people do this every year and tend to not stick to their guns. But I'm going to make a serious effort to get into certain habits while I have the luxery of time off before the Spring semester.

-I'd like to do more creative cooking for B and I.
-I'd like to work on nurturing my spiritual side, again.
-I'd like to get into the gym routine again.
-I'd like to spend less time online and more time with good friends *actually* in person.
-I'd like to keep up my more recent trend of reading something not related to school.
-I'd like to spend a bit of time sewing each week, even if its only one hour on one day.
-I'd like to spend more schmoopy time with my hubby. We're around each other a lot but not "with" each other nearly enough.
-I'd like to work on getting my credit card balances down, again (buying and renovating the house was a killer).
-I'd like to keep a realistic idea of what's going on in my life, so as not to let myself get too frazzled and pulled in too many directions.

Yeah its a huge list, I know I can't do all of it, all of the time. But just stating it for myself is always the first step.


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