Jan. 18th, 2013 07:21 am
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I found Praline in her cage, gone from this world this morning. She joined our family in 2001, so she had a good, long bunny life. She loved to give "Eskimo kisses" to us, and would hump Batty's head in a sign of dominance. Much love to you cutie bun. :/

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Oct. 17th, 2011 10:26 am
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On Friday Brian and I went with a dance studio friend to see The Rocky Horror Show at the I've seen the movie with a shadow cast a billion times (Brian and I met there) but had never seen the musical. They did a great job! I liked hearing the music I had heard years ago in the Roxy Cast Cassette (from the 15th Anniversary boxed set) and their direction though different than the movie (and apparently other live musical shows) was great. Their use of "phantoms" rather than simply Transylvanians was very neat. The craziness and humor of the Criminologist was wonderful (who knew he could be such a memorable character). Their Columbia didn't tap dance which was a bit of a let down, but all in all we had a great time.

We had a troop on Saturday out in RI to support a blood drive that Ryder Wyndham had organized at the Rochambeau branch library. The goal for the day was 15 pints but they collected 30! Ryder invited us to his home for a cookout after the event, what a great guy. It is wonderful being part of such a great Star Wars family that we can do things like this. We were enjoying hanging around in the back yard after most of the guests had left, but we had to pack up the remainder of our home for our deleading work, so we headed out and were back by around 7:30-8. We were both exhausted from being out all day but got what we needed to do done. We spent the last couple of hours of the night lounging in bed since all of our furniture was covered/moved and it was the only clear space.

We got up on Sunday and got ourselves together for breakfast at In a Pickle before heading Worcester-ways for In all of the years that this convention/concert has been happening Brian and I have never made it, despite being big horror and metal fans. October is busy and it always creeps up on us, and there are other things to do, but somehow this year we managed to get it into our calendar and get there. We met Mer and Mike and wandered a bit with and without them - it was great to catch up. The vibe was wonderful - so much more relaxed and fun than Supermegafest. The room had a similar number of guests and vendors as that convention, but it was more spread out and had more of a 'chill' vibe. It was also more family friendly (which is funny, considering it is a horror convention) - there were lots of families out there together, many in costume. While Mer and Mike were waiting in Ace Frehley's line we pondered trying to meet Robert Englund, but decided against it when we saw the huge crowd. We did get to see Kane Hodder and get a couple of things signed (Tember, we have a surprise for you). Brian's Death Trooper was very popular, and he got lots of photos with people . His biggest fan was a six year old girl who waved to him, slapped him five or asked for a picture every time we passed her (about 20 times through the day). Check out her little leg flip in this picture she took with Brian and her Dad We chatted with her Mom later at the convention about how she has grown up going to this each year - she was a month old for her first Rock N Shock! Her parents were vendors and their booth was named after her. They also had a 1 year old son who was so taken with Brian, that when we tried to walk away he started crying - he didn't want the zombie trooper to leave! Who knew that the horror/metal convention was so family-friendly? The woman told us that we should come back next year with our babe in costume. I think it really is just a matter of kids being exposed to things and what is normal/scary and what is exotic. We have friends with children who think nothing of being surrounded by Star Wars costume characters (they know who we are out of costume and in), so I'm sure this is very much the case. I can't believe it took us so long to come out to this thing!

After the con we went back to the car so that Brian could change and grabbed a quick late lunch before heading home. We packed up our animals, animal supplies and things we would need for the week in NH and drove out to my parent's house. They helped us lug everything up to their empty 2nd floor apartment and we got things set up, and then had dinner with them downstairs in their home. Brian took off to head back to Waltham since he was meeting the contractors there this morning. Our poor cats were so freaked out. Jayne was super affectionate and kept coming up to me, laying on the bed, etc which is so unlike him. He has a bit of an abandoment fear given his life before us, so I think he was just happy that after the hour-long ride, I was still there. Mal hid in cabinets and closets and behind doors and I could only get him up on the bed with me once. I feel so bad for disrupting them so, but an empty apartment will be safer than my sister's where we needed to keep them from her cats and very jumpy and loud Boxer. It has been weird being mothered again in the first time in a long time: showing up for dinner cooked for us, Mom packed me a lunch for today, having breakfast with them this morning.

Getting up and showered and the animals fed this morning was easy and I had breakfast with my parents downstairs - we are leaving for work in MA at the same time. I hope the cats are able to relax a bit while I'm gone today. I have a pre-natal appointment at 4:00 (including my glucose tolerance test) and will stop by the house after to get mail, run some errands, and am meeting Brian after work for dinner to avoid traffic before we drive back up to NH, each in our own cars. Poor Brian spent the night in the house and woke up to finish the prep in our bedroom - pushing furniture to the middle of the room around the bed. When he got out of the shower he ended up stubbing his baby toe on a doorstop that's usually between a door and a bureau, and broke it (on his right foot). You know, the driving foot. After some drugs and ice it's feeling better, so he's at work with it all taped up and in flip flops. When it rains it pours. :/

All in all this process has gone more smoothly than I could have hoped for, so despite being displaced a bit we are doing well. We are extremely lucky for the support we have been offered and have received. I can't wait, can't wait to get back home and settled in. We had no plans for next Sunday, so last night I put a calendar entry into google: "DO NOT MAKE PLANS". I am looking forward to getting things back to normal by this time next week. :)


May. 23rd, 2011 02:28 pm
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It's Rabbit Awareness Week in the UK. What a cute video:

If it ever stops raining, we can take our buns outside to enjoy the yard. They love it!


May. 17th, 2010 06:21 pm
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I had to take Jayne to the vet today - you can see how much he loves getting into the carrier.

When we got home he was glued to us, "OHMYGODYOUBROUGHTMEHOMEILOVEYOUILOVEYOU". Poor kitty, he endured such abuse and neglect before. I wonder if he'll ever get over it.


Jul. 9th, 2009 04:53 pm
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Originally uploaded by dancerjodi
My new favorite thing.
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Rabbits have very odd digestive systems - you can see something about it here if you're curious: . At a high level, they poop out these things called cecotropes which they then eat for their nutritional qualities. Its a totally normal process and usually people don't see the cecotropes unless something is up with their diet.

I've been buying pellets in bulk for them from a local place and the quality and cost has been excellent ($0.34 a pound) but they've recently changed their supplier. It took me a week or so to figure out why, but I'm sure this new food is to blame for the cecotropes I've been seeing in their cage! The last two days I've only fed them timothy and I haven't seen any cecotropes, so its totally a case of the food switch. I'm picking some new food up after work so that my buns can get themselves back to normal (mostly because I don't want them to have the lost nutrition, and secondly because I don't want to freak out our poor petsitter Devina this coming weekend.


May. 31st, 2006 10:19 am
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Life without Max is so weird. You don't realize the work you do for somebody until they are gone since its so ingrained in your schedule.

For instance, my Dad dropped by last night to talk for a bit and brought me some flowers. I took them out of the wrapping and went to take out the baby's breath - oh wait, there is no cat anymore that I need to worry about eating them and poisoning himself. I took the baby's breath out anyway - I don't want it there. I slept an extra 15 minutes this morning and didn't need to feed Max, give him his shot, and clean up puked on blankets, peed on pee pads or anything like that. I almost actually forgot to feed the bunnies before I left the house since I'm really a creature of habit and one change kind of throws me off. This is going to take a lot of getting used to.

In a way though, Max's parting is going to help other animals in the way that an organ donor would. We went out to our vet yesterday to drop off unused insulin, needles and cat food. Vescone is going to keep the blanket we brought Max to them in and that he died in - the vet mentioned that it will come in very useful for snuggling other patients and keeping them warm. I put an add up on Craigslist for someone to take our pet steps and leftover pee pads. This is one of the responses that I got:

"Hello, I wrote to you last night from my home e-mail. I have
not heard back from you if you have given them away yet. My mother in law
REALLY needs these items. We always buy her the puppy pads and man they are
expensive. Also The she's been wanting the steps because with her arthritis
she cant pick up the dog anymore. Please let me know you would make an old
woman happy and easier. I can pick it all up. I live and work in Watertown
so it's not a problem. Just tell me where."

I just replied to her. It makes me feel better that the things we got to help Max out in his final months will go to help an older woman's life easier with her own pet. To connect to our cheezy vacation, its a small world after all (and all that).


May. 30th, 2006 09:00 am
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We're home from FL. It was a fun, magical trip as would be expected at Disney. Brian and I had a good time, and will definitely go back at some point. 3 days isn't enough to do all you'd want to do. Marching in the parade was wild, here's hoping we find pics from audience people.

We came home to find Max laying on our second floor, kind of out of it. Things weren't looking good when we left last Thursday morning, since he has puked and it was a brownish color (making me think blood). He stuck it out over the weekend though, and we were able to say goodbye. Max hadn't eaten much while we were gone, and his state made us think that he had low blood sugar. We took him to Vescone (Brian driving, me holding him in a blanket - and he peed all over me in the car). His sugar actually was a bit high, but given his low weight, current state, and the red in his puking the vet estimated that he either was in kidney failure or had a stomach/intestinal issue, like cancer. Brian and I held him while they euthanized him. I have to call the pet cemetery/crematory place to make arrangements for them to get him, take care of him, so we can easily (and legally) bury him in our yard. Max will rest under our newly planted lilac bush.

Its so weird, how animals do this. He knew he was going to go, we knew he was going to go, and it worked out in the best way that it could. I've lost pets before, but I've never felt this way before. Max was 21 and was with me for all of those years - more than 1/2 my life. Coming home our house just felt so empty. Max wasn't a loud cat and was fairly out of the way for the last year or so of his life, but not having him on the loveseat - not *feeling* him in the house - its just so weird. Throughout my life when I've been upset about something or alone Max has been there for me, and now when I need him the most its because he's not here.

It will take some time for things to adjust to normalish for Brian and I, but we'll get there. Max will always have a special place in our hearts and our life, given the impact he's had on the both of us. We're the people we are today in part because of that amazing kitty. At some point we'll probably get another cat (or cats), because we love furry kids but I know I'll never have another bond with another animal like I did with Max. The place I'm in with my life will just prevent it - I may have an animal for that long and from its kittenhood, but I won't be growing up with them; they won't be my partner in crime.

Thank you for all of your support over the years: for being kind to our kitty, for helping us out with petsitting, for listening to our silly stories about litter box changes, pukey blankets, doggie steps and all of that. Max was always a social, loving creature and I'm sure he knew that you guys cared about him.

All I can say is that I'm glad that we had planned to take today off of work anyway. I'm not sure yet if I'll hit the dance studio tonight, but at least Brian and I can come back to normal life slowly. I think its apropos that we went to the 'happiest place on earth' before having to deal with this. Life works in mysterious ways.


Jun. 12th, 2004 08:44 am
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My brother's cat died early this morning. He's Max's brother and just as old. He's been getting thinner and thinner, having problems walking, and all the other things that cats do when they are on their way out.

From my Dad:

"Hi Jode,

I don't know if EJ mailed you but Blinky died in his arms at 5:15 this morning. He was down in his room all night, I am glad Blinky timed it right for EJ. JD took it hard and broke me a bit looking at him so I just held him and told him he was ok in heaven. Last night is the first night Blinky didn't sleep on our bed. I am making a nice spot for him in the back corner of the yard and we decided to put him in a little cardboard box like he loves, Mom gave me a towel to put him in because he always sat on then when she got them out from the dryer. I will be making a spot and will bury him in the next hour or so. He looks so peaceful now, EJ curled him up nice the way he slept. He has to go to work this morning, I felt so bad for him I wanted to hug him too but that would be silly. Say a little prayer to send off to meet Poonsie & Winky.
Love Dad"

Blinkie was the sweetest cat. We called him "Blinkie the dog" because he trotted around the house like a dog, and would talk to you with well timed and loud meows. He also would carry socks or gloves around in his mouth like he had caught a mouse, and make this weird growl noise when he did it. We'd hear a noise from the other room and a few minutes later Blinky would come in and drop a sock at our feet.

I love you Blinky, I'm glad you aren't suffering anymore :(

Here's a pic, he was such a cutie:

Blinkie loved to sit inside of things. This pic is of him this past Xmas sitting inside of a tray that the Tiggerette made for my parents. The second that thing came out of the box Blinkie's eyes lit up and he HAD to sit in it :)

He's the first one of three to go from the kittens that three excited kids picked out many, many years ago. Its very hard to lose such a special part of your family.


Jul. 15th, 2003 10:45 am
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Our cats were famous, did you all know that?

A few years back the shelter we got them from wrote up an article about our situation after my Dad sent them an update letter on how the kitties had been doing (and told his story of how we got them).

The three of them are all over 16 years old, yikes!

The Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA is awesome. Here is their official site, if you are in the market for a new pet:
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He was severely anemic due to kidney failure; it was possible that he also had internal bleeding and after around $1500 of more tests and treatment the vet said that his prognosis would not be good.

So little Flopsy is now sleeping peacefully and will be laid to rest in the pet cemetery in Middleboro, MA. They asked permission to do a 'non-invasive and cosmetic' autopsy in order to specifically diagnose things (free of charge) so that we could make sure that Praline isn't sick.


That is all I can say right now. I would like to tell people however that the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center of New England is an excellent and caring facility and that the experience was the best we could have.


Mar. 29th, 2002 10:47 am
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I just talked with the vet, Max had another curve test yesterday in which they measure his blood sugar every couple of hours and see how the insulin is effecting him. He's really high in the morning, normal during the day and then the sugar starts to pick up late in the day around dinner time. We need to continue with the routine for the next 2 weeks until his next curve and see how things are going.

She asked how he had been doing at home - he's drinking less water than before but still too much (I'm still changing his litter box 2x a week which is not normal for only one cat with the special kind of litter we use).

The vet said that if his blood hasn't gotten closer to normal in the next two weeks before his next curve we'll need to give him insulin 2x a day - that means that one of us HAS to be home each day at 7:30 AM and 6:00 PM in order to give him the shot. That means no sleeping late on the weekends, no going away over the weekends, no vacations (unless we find a kennel-type place that we trust that will also give injections) and no day-trips.

I asked about the permanence thing - how she had told me that this could all be temporary because of the steroid. The answer "well if this continues for 2-3 more months we can probably be sure that it will be with him for life".

I don't know if I can do this - but I don't know if I can do the alternative either. I had always thought that the end would come like it had with other cats of mine: quickly through either old age (just going outside and going to sleep) or through a sudden illness.

I really don't know what to do . . . and I REALLY don't want to be at work right now.
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He's home and very relieved to be done with vet stuff (until next Thursday when they'll keep him for the day again and monitor his glucose levels). We have to give him an insulin shot 1X a day at the same time (though we can vary 1-2 hours if necessary and he should be OK). That kind of rules out any weekend trips away unless we can find someone willing to come over at 7:30 in the morning, feed him and then wait 1/2 hour to shoot him up. It was so odd going to the 24 hour CVS in Watertown last night around 11:30 to buy insulin and syringes for a cat.

His heart is OK, they shaved a bit of his tummy to do an echocardiogram (I think that's the test that they did - whatever it was it cost us $200) so he looks a bit funny. Though he's slightly off the vet said its nothing to be worried about. We'll have to have another test in 6-8 months to make sure he's still OK.

I'm really hoping that once the steriod from his Asthma shot leaves his body he'll get back to normal . . . having to be home each morning and awake between 7:30 and 8:00 AM is going to seriously effect our ability to go on weekend trips (which are generally easy with cats because you just leave them food for 3 days and go) and I won't be able to sleep late on Saturdays and Sundays anymore. At least he was cool this morning with the shot - he was SO irritated last night when we picked him up at the Vet's. B was freaked out because he had never seen him hiss before.


I'm just looking forward to getting back to "normal" life in other areas. I decided to skip going to K's equinox celebration tonight for some good ole fashioned cheeze and violence - seeing Blade II in Reveeeah (baby)!


Mar. 20th, 2002 08:27 am
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So from yesterday we learned:
Max lost 1 pound in the last month
He has a heart murmur
His blood sugar is REALLY high

He goes back on Thursday and will stay overnight so that they can give him varying doses of insulin and test his blood every hour or so to figure out what he needs. The Vet told me that this may even be temporary - since he was given a steroid injection for asthma last month he may have been mildly diabetic and the steroid threw him off kilter (so we won't be giving him any injected steroids anymore, if the asthma acts up its pills from now on which are more mild).

Once they figure out what he needs to be normal again B and I will need to give him insulin shots at home; the frequency and duration of this routine is really up in the air and he'll be monitored either once a week or every other week to see how he's doing. The heart murmur - its the first time that the vet has noticed it and she's really concerned so while he'll be shot up and poked all day on Thursday he'll also be getting an ultrasound with the consulting veterinary cardiologist.

My poor kitty . . . At least they were able to diagnose something. I'm hoping that once the steroid has left his system things will get back to normal again, but we shall see!

Day two

Oct. 23rd, 2001 09:32 am
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We got a new bunny this past weekend, a companion for Flopsy. She's part lop and part holland and should get to be around 7-8 pounds (a good size to be compatible to him). An interesting rabbit fact that I did not know, we can't put them together even though he's neutered until she's spayed . . . if he mounts her she'll THINK she's pregnant and start acting that way, shredding things and building a nest and being a big crab at him. A month later she'd figure it out, let him mount her again and the cycle continues. So for now they can look at each other while one runs around and the other is in the cage, they are already trying to rub noses and lay near each other (aw). You can see a picture of her at B's journal at .

I've settled back into things after the trip: back at work and being productive with a fresh attitude toward things, back to the gym a few days a week and almost done collecting everything for my Umass application. Now I just need to collect a couple of more letters this week, put the finishing touches on my essay and send it all out in the mail early next week.

Halloween, I don't know if I'm going to be able to sew that dress in time to wear to Manray or any of the parties this weekend. Its a lot of work and I know that if that's all I did I'd finish in time but I just haven't been in the mood that much (I want to play with bunnies and see friends more than sitting in the kitchen with 10 yards of fabric and a sewing machine).

So ramble, ramble, ramble . . . here's a thought to leave you with from the Intranet:

Quote of the Day: "Awareness to attitude makes a difference to life." - John Ahern
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It actually wasn't as painful as we thought (though we weren't able to get him totally clean). I think its going to take a few tries every couple of days since I don't want to hurt him (rabbit skin is VERY sensitive).

I came home directly from work (so much for going to the gym - the rabbit's butt is more important than mine) and I needed to collect a urine sample to drive over to the vet. It was a dark, red rust color (ick) and gave me a sudden sinking feeling of dread. I mean he is 5 years old, problems could very likely develop now out of nowhere. I gave him a kiss on his wiggly nose, gave him some more hay and fresh water and said over tears "don't worry bunny, I'm going to the vet to figure out what's wrong and I'll take care of you". I found that listening to Reflecting Skin is good in the same way that Tori Amos is when you're upset; It makes you more aware of what's going on without pushing you over the edge into hysterical crying or anger fits.

The vet re-assured me when I got there that everything was probably OK ("sometimes their urine just changes color due to different diet or digestive patterns with age - don't worry"). I waited in the lobby for them to do a dip-stick test and watched the other animals looking so calm and happy. I know I'm not the only one with pet problems (a friend's bun died a few weeks ago and my cousin had to euthanize her 18 year old dog last weekend) but it doesn't change things when YOU are the one in the situation. I was having horrible thoughts, picturing the vet running out yelling "um, you should go home and get him and bring him back right now". I was wondering what we'd do with him when he dies (bury him at the parent's house with the other pets most likely). By poor bunny :(

But - the test was OK! No blood in it at all (the vet's assistant said that her bun has done a similar thing from time to time). "But you need to get his bottom clean or else it could get infected". We discussed how this would be possible, getting to a large bun's bum when he doesn't like to sit even for nail clipping! I stopped by Walgreens on the way home and picked up some Johnson's baby bath for the task and headed home.

So we did it. B isn't crazy about holding the bunny (he's afraid he'll break him much like he won't hold infants) and he has serious issues dealing with bodily excretions. "OK, I NEED your help with this B, either you hold the rabbit or I do and you clean his bum". The reply "You know that I love you and this rabbit VERY much, right?".

We got his cage in the kitchen and B wrapped him up in a towel (front paws in one hand, feet in the other hand) while I cleaned the sensitive area with the baby wash, face cloth and from time to time a spray bottle (now THAT was amusing). The bun actually handled it pretty well and looked like he was falling asleep for a while (I think he was horny actually, kept seeing that little bunny penis poking out). We worked at this for about 20 minutes until he got really squirmy and we let him hop back into the cage.

So its done for now. I think we'll need a repeat session a few more times but now at least we have a plan for attack.

It was one VERY interesting evening.


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