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I just read through our recent alum magazine. There was a nice interview with these two women and an appeal for funding to allow more women from Afghanistan to come to the school and study.

I also found out who Teresa Carterette was! At graduation in 97 I received an award, the Teresa Carterette Award for Professional Promise (or something like that). I had no clue I was getting it until seeing it listed under my name in the graduation booklet. I guess its "presented annually to a senior in the psychology department who as made a consistent and valuable contribution.". Neat!

Ms. Carterette got a degree in social anthropology from Chicago U and then did fieldwork for 2 years with the Denendeh people in Canada's Northwest Territories. Then she got her Ph.D. in mathematical psychology from Indiana University in 1960. She came to Simmons in 1964, a year later established the first experimental psych lab at the college and laid the foundation for its curriculum. She directed the department's internship program and in 1970 brought the first digital computer to the campus, introducing psych students to computer-controlled experimentation. There's a great picture of her with a group of people in 1961 as a part of the "IBM data processing class" whatever that means - its her with `about 30 or so men, the caption reading how it "reveals both her professional interests in quantitative science and her fearless rejection of convention".

I never got to meet Ms. Carterette since she retired from Simmons in 1990. She died last fall. Its great to finally know some more history of the department (and its quite flattering to know who that award I got back then was based on, and that they saw something in me similar to Ms. Carterette).
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I'm so giddy! Its silly really. :) Brian and I have both taken the day off of work tomorrow to celebrate.

I sold back my books last night for a whopping $17.25 (for reference, I probably paid almost $200 for them). Whatever. I want them out of the house and don't have the time/patience to ebay them. Some were sold back for a few bucks each while others were donated to 'Books for Africa' or something like that.

The burlesque class was a lot of fun, though I wished that they had a larger room for their classes. It put me more in the mood to get back into dance classes. It also served to remind me that my costuming and dance experience gives me a good advantage for that kind of thing - something to ponder in the future in terms of performing (though I think it would be fun to hook up with a troupe; I don't like doing stuff on my own).

If its not too late after class tonight I may drive by the old studio and see if the lights are on. Tuesday is when they dance up there and class used to run until 10:00 or so. If it seems worthwhile after viewing the class I'll go back after the holidays for tap/jazz lessons. Monday nights will be bellydance, and I'll probably do punk rock aerobics, yoga, pilates and other dance workshops here and there. In terms of the gym, my parents now have a workout room in their basement since Sis moved out and Bro moved upstairs to her old digs. I'm going to try and get over there and use their treadmill for FREE (maybe Thursday). :)

Nerd Humor

Sep. 10th, 2002 08:36 am
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I had my first "Foundations of Applied Sociology" class last night. Basically its required for all students in the program and is an intro to the program, field and various career and research options out there. It looks like its going to be really interesting - we'll be surveying incoming students to the program and alums (via interviewing) and doing *something* with that data (not sure yet - we'll be talking about that next week). I'll also have the opportunity to do a research project on my own on a program I'm interested in (like a non-profit or company) that ties to a major sociological theory. I'll need to interview around 5 people, do a literature review and submit my proposal around mid-October. The final (20 to 30 page) paper is due December 19th.

I'm so happy to be back doing this type of thing again. My writing skills have been lacking :)

After class the department had their annual social so that students and professors could meet each other and chat about various things. And of course, there was food (I think that's what lured most people in over socializing). I talked with a woman from The Ukraine who was sitting next to me a bit and with a few other people in the class (a cop, there is a cop who is soon to retire in the class who wants to study the Criminology track). And the Chair of the program was there too (he kind of looked like that old author guy from the Clockwork Orange movie - very freaky) :)

We talked a bit about my background (he was the 2nd person to say "Simmons is a REALLY good school", which is always nice) and his (he's also a Psychoanalyst (go Freudians!) on top of being a Sociologist, figures) and he gave some suggestions for future course work and stressed how I should "try and publish, publish, publish" once the research papers started. He remembered seeing my application to the program and the glowing review that one professor in particular wrote for me - the head of the Sociology Department at Simmons (and a good friend of the program Director, they went to grad school in Chicago together in the 60's).

And then he leaned over and whispered at me "You know this is very interesting, you see. Everybody is eating fruit - nobody has touched the cheese and crackers. I wonder what that means, the fruit thing. Perhaps its because there are mostly women in here? I wonder if men are more likely to eat cheese and crackers"

I told him how my co-workers and I during lunch one day went on at great length about how one made their choice in eating utensils when given various options. Do you choose plastic? Or stainless? Or would you choose a white plastic fork with a black plastic knife? Etc . . . We're a pretty anal group and people tended to first choose stainless (it helps the environment after all) and then would choose MATCHING plastic.

Its like I'm in my Social Psych class that I took back in 1996 again. I'm going to be forever wondering if I'm a part of someone's experiment :)


Its really nice to be back!


Dec. 11th, 2001 07:30 am
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I'm in work early today and am cutting my lunch hour so that I can leave at 3:30 and head into Boston to meet with a professor and register for a class. This is the one that I'm thinking of:

SOCIOL 681: Health Care Policy
This course focuses on recent changes in health care policy and in the organization of medicine with special attention to the impact of these changes on the delivery, distribution, and quality of health services. Additional emphasis is given to the history of medicine; the political economy of health care; inequality in utilization of and access to health services; rising costs and cost containment programs; attempts at regulation; and government health programs and private health service organizations. Prerequisites: Graduate standing and permission of instructor. 3 Lect Hrs, 3 Credits

Since this is related to my job I'll be reimbursed 100% (and the money won't be taxed as "income") - I just need to get at least a B :)


Today is going to feel like one of those days where I don't get much accomplished since I need to head over to Watertown at 12:30 for a 1:00 to 2:30 meeting. I'll get back to the office at 3:00 and will leave at 3:30!

I'm in!

Nov. 29th, 2001 04:57 pm
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I got into Grad School! I have to contact my adviser to schedule classes (they start on January 28th).

Now if only I wasn't so sick still with this cold B and I could go out and celebrate!


Sep. 26th, 2001 08:17 am
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So I met with my old Sociology Professor at Simmons last night. It was nice to drive in again like in the good-ole-days though its odd walking around in a building that's been added to and changed since I graduated 4 years ago. Half of the parking lot is taken up by new construction due to be finished next year which will house the School of Social Work (moving from Comm. Ave), The School of Library and Information Sciences and some administrative offices. And the Sociology Department moved down one floor and to the other end of the building.


Professor London is one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic professors that I had while at Simmons. He is passionate about his work and would do anything for a student. He happened to have time to meet last night because he was waiting around until 6:30 when he would take all interested Sociology students to his house for the "Sociology Department Kick-Off Dinner of the Year".

We discussed the program that I'm applying for and various others; he thinks that given what I'm looking for the one at Umass would actually be the best fit. He told me that he's sent about 5 Simmons Alumna there over the last few years and all of them were accepted and did well in the program. In addition, he offered to take a look at my entrance essay to critique it (and, to get a good idea of the kinds of things I've been doing over the last few years and my reasoning for applying to the program). After reviewing it he is going to give his good-ole friend (the founder of the program and ex-program director) a call about me in addition to completing a recommendation letter for me to include with my application. So now I need to complete that essay (or, more like a paper - it needs to be around 1200 words!) in the next week or so so that he can read and critique it, call the guy from UMass and then call me back to discuss what he found out/what that person's opinion of me as a candidate is before I go to NOLA on 10/11! Its going to be a busy couple of weeks.


I just can't wait to work on my sewing once this is all done. I'm working on an urban camo (black, gray and white) fleece jacket for my nephew for Christmas, some flannel pajamas for B which will work into his Halloween Costume and hopefully (money and time willing) a Halloween dress for me (the one on the left):


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