Jul. 17th, 2002 08:52 am
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I freaked out a bit last night. The construction is really starting to get to me.

I've been around this kind of thing for all of my life but usually there is some area that's finished - a refuge from all of the noise and plaster dust and piles of belongings in the middle of the floor. Unfortunately only our funky 1950's (and ugly) era kitchen is the only place in the house that remotely resembles that (and its REALLY grasping at straws in that capacity).

Last night we were to do the final plaster in the bedroom and craft room and prime tonight (ready to paint after that). The plaster is taking longer than we were expecting because we were buying my Dad's estimates of things (only we're not master speed builders like he is). So we're hoping to tonight get the final plaster work done in the bedroom, MAYBE get the final plaster done in the craft room (depending on the state of things) and then tomorrow skip Netgoth coffee to do priming of the walls.

I had cleaned up the den when I got home from work and vacuumed the rug. That was our 'clean' and 'finished' space to sleep in last night. We dragged in the futon and our alarm clock and spent the evening with the cat and bunnies in the back room of the house. I think that place will be our solace for the time being and once we've finished the bedroom and have another place to go we'll begin plastering in there again.

This just sucks, really but it will be very nice when its done. Tons of people have offered to help paint but that's the easy part (and can't happen until all of this crap messy stuff is over with). I'm not complaining because I'm really excited about the offers to help that we have received and after all, this is our choice to do this (it saved us probably around 10-15K that we would have spent in electrician and contractor bills). But it just sucks major ass in the process.

Well, at least we may have (finally) our dryer hooked up tonight. Perhaps I'll be able to do laundry somewhere other than my parent's house this weekend :)

I need a night at the beach in a bad way - camping this weekend will be a Godsend!


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