Aug. 9th, 2006 07:49 am
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I weighed in this morning at 131. Wow! That's a 5 lb loss since last week. My initial goal was a 10 lb loss (down to around 137), WW suggested a 10 % loss (133). I've surpassed them both.

The WW site tells me I've earned a gold star, and I should now maintain. It makes sense . . . the range for my height based on BMI is 130-150. Maintaining means I get a whopping 24 points a day (up from the 20 I've been at) plus the 35 flex points. If I continue with normal eating with a few splurges here and there, I'm sure I'll be fine.

This has been a really interesting experiment, and it has taught me just how much I was eating that I didn't need to eat (in terms of portion size), and where hidden calories can lie. I'm going to use the WW tools through the end of my 3 months since I've paid for them, but will cancel the membership so I don't get charged anymore. Its too bad that online members don't seem to get free support as the meeting folks do once meeting their goal and maintaining for a while, because the recipe lists and nutritional tools have been very cool to use. Yay!


Jun. 20th, 2006 08:33 am
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Brian and I took the plunge last night and signed up for Weight Watcher's online. Though there are things I know I'd get out of the meetings, Brian's not what you'd call the most outwardly social of people, and we'll be kicking each other's asses with this whole thing, so its all good.

Its funny, because WW says I'm at the high end of normal range for me, weird. Joining though is based on getting to the low end of the range, and its quite a large range, so I was able to join. I need to get no less than 20 points a day. Its weird that I'm at the lowest points range too - its not going to change (like say, Brian's may as he loses weight).

I'm 5' 6" and the range for me weightwise according to WW is 128-148. Last night I was at 147, and I'd like to get down to the low 30s (I plugged in 132, since it was the 10% suggested). At a normal 'eating poorly sometimes, dancing a couple of times a week' weight I was 138 for many, many years. If I start weight training again which I'd like to do I'd anticipate being in the mid 30's ultimately and realistically, but you've got to have something concrete to reach for, you know?

Reading up on the food, points, etc (for those that don't know, the points are just a result of a calculation involving calories, fat and fiber and then you can get activity point 'credit' each day), I've been eating fairly healthy all along. The reason weight isn't coming off is because my food = my activity. The reason I gained about 10 lbs in 2002-2003 was due to no change in eating habits, but a severe decrease in physical activity (I was in grad school while working full time and it was tough to get serious workouts in). The late 20's slowing metabolism monster also bit. Nowadays, if I splurge a bit it is offset by the dancing. Thus, I'll need to be VERY strict about my eating or exercise more if I want to see results. I knew this at a basic level, but seeing the formula gave me a kind of AH HA! moment last night.

Such neat recipes! Brian and I are looking forward to cooking a lot of the things we found on the website last night. Wednesday night will be our weigh day, which is good, because its also the day we hit the supermarket and do our meal planning for the week.


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