Sep. 6th, 2016 10:25 am
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We had a fun weekend.  Originally we had no plans, and had a lot of family, friend and at-home time (both play and productive).

I've been working on cleaning up and cleaning out the garage.  I'd love to get my car in there this winter, when snow is predicted.  I've been putting a ton of stuff out front, and the good thing about being on a main street, is that things end up walking away and reporposed pretty quickly.  The easier work is done, so the harder stuff to tackle (Brian's workshop half of the garage) is up next.  I told him my awesome organizational skills will make his life so much easier, and bring all the boys to the garage. :)

I have yet another 3-day week this week.  Originally we had a dentist appointment scheduled for Mina this Friday, but with the terrible pain she was having we ended up scheduling a second one a couple of weeks ago.  Since Brian and I had both taken the day off, we'll spend it together doing whatever.  Maybe going up to Salem to walk around sans-kid, before the Halloween crazy begins.  We want to check out a friend's store, too.

I'm scheduled for barre tonight and Dance2B (the new name of DanceEnergy, for some reason) on Thursday.  I went for a nice walk with a neighbor along stretches of the Riverwalk in Newton yesterday.  If I can get more walking/hiking in during the week and do some more at-home strength/yoga kind of workouts, I would have a nice balance of things.

No sewing this week.  I want to start cutting out and working on holiday outfits.  I've been itching for a new Star Wars costume (maybe I'll finally tackle a jedi) and I had great ideas of making Wonder Woman for Mina, and Hippolyta for me (based on the DC SuperHero Girls movie).


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