Mar. 24th, 2006 02:04 pm
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As I mentioned in my previous post, I hate shopping. Still, we have to clothe ourselves and eat and entertain ourselves sometimes with 'stuff', so its a necessary evil. I think a part of my dislike comes from the fact that the browsing and just buying to buy concept is foreign to me. It only dawned on me recently, but my parents shopped just like I do - when they needed something they'd go in, get it, and go. There wasn't much browsing, following trends or things of that like.

In particular, I hate shopping for pants. The disproportionateness (is that even a word) of my body makes buying pants that both fit and look flattering really frustrating. Its been this way for as long as I can remember. As soon as I was old enough to look in a mirror and be aware of how clothes looked on me, buying pants became a huge issue (my Mom HATED taking me shopping for this reason). Plenty of things in X size fit me in that sense that I'm able to comfortably put them on my body. How they make my ass look - that's a different story!

Once I find a store that seems to work for a various good I usually stick to it. I get my (expensive) shampoo and conditioner from Aveda. I get my jeans most often from Old Navy. When it comes to clothes for work I've found things that fit (though were a bit frumpy) and were inoffensive at Kohls. I've had the best luck, a few times, at New York and Company.

Now that I've budgeted some more to spend in the effort to clean out stuff I don't like from my closet and replace it with stuff I do like, I've been thinking of what to buy. During lunch I made a trip to the Square One Mall Saugus (dude!) to their New York and Company. After some frustration, a couple of changing room trips and a persistent but friendly salesperson (she saw me and said "you look lost, can I help you out with something?") and I came away with 2 pairs of pants (that actually fit), a blazer, 2 shirts, and some black cargo pants. The latter is for more casual times while the former are for work. Its been nicer to not have dressing for work be such a BIG FRICKEN DEAL. Like it or not, the vibe of my office is very business, and I really have to look the part on most days.

Next up: shoes. This is much less stressful than pants, so I think I can handle it. I have some comfy but kind of frumpy work shoes that just don't fit with the clothes, so I need to weed out the bad and replace with the good. Its all a part of that ongoing scaling down effort.

I think the key thing I need to remember is that women's fashion is ever-changing and silly, and that finding things that look good, feel good and are priced reasonably enough for me to spend money on them is going to take some time. Its not setting that time aside that's always burned me in the past.

God, I feel like such a girl . . .


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