Jan. 22nd, 2016

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Jan. 22nd, 2016 12:07 pm
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Mina was quiet/thoughtful about the news of going to a new school, but is excited about it.  We took her to their open house on Wednesday, and she didn't want to leave.  It was a tough transition for her, because from there we went home and dropped her with my parents so that we could go to Justin's wake.  Yesterday was the funeral, and Brian will be gone in NJ this weekend for a convention.  I feel very bad for the upheavel in her life lately, and am looking forward to things calming down.

Justin's services were full-on Catholic, but they were perfect for him.  It was a tribute to his reach to see all of the folks at the funeral home for the wake and also at the funeral.  It was nice to see old geek friends who have long pulled away, but just sad it was for this reason.  The family hosted a luncheon at The Chateau Norwood after the cemetary, and it was nice again to catch up with "The Star Wars" (as the priest at the funeral said) friends.

I had to be at work for a 7:30 meeting this morning, but despite Mina's late (terrible) sleeping last night, she was up early enough that I could see her.  During such an odd week, it kills me to leave her that early in the morning.  I'm excited to have a lot of snuggle time with her over the weekend.  I'm relieved that we won't be too hard hit with the snow, because managing snow blowing just won't happen with just me and a Mina in the house.

On next Monday I'll bring her to spend a couple of hours at the new school.  It is awesome and mind-blowingly different from what we are used to.


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