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I'm being lazy and copying Brian's LJ post to share our birth story. Warning, there's some gross, labor related stuff in here.

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Jan. 5th, 2012 09:12 am
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My last planned day at work is a week from tomorrow (1/13). I have never taken this much time off from a job, as long as I've been working in a taxpaying capacity (age 14). Brian asked me the other day how that felt, and at this point I just can't grasp it. I'm sure that the time is going to fly by.

I've been slowly working to try and prepare things that I do to run without me while I'm gone (or put them in a state where they can just sit for 12 weeks). It is nice to feel important. There is a lot of construction and moving planned in our space soon, though the timing is still up in the air. I'm packing up my cube so that if a move happens while I'm out it will be easier for people to move my stuff AND easy for me to settle in when I return, knowing how things are packed. Also, my cube will be free for someone to use during the 12 weeks I'm out (a bunch of people are being displaced from their current area while a new call center room is built out for them).

I do have plenty to do to bide my time, but thankfully none of it is mission critical. It is a nice feeling (because I was freaking out a bit a couple of weeks ago).

Alas, Brian can not say the same thing. Things are going crazy at his company and they are not set up well to cover for folks if they are out. Whenever I have the baby, he will be out (and unavailable to the office) for two full weeks. It would have been longer, but they just can't survive without him. That, and his company is not as generous with the paid time off benefit. He has had extremely stressful days at work all this week (he's going in early today for a build but can't leave early due to a meeting/gathering at the end of the day), but then comes home to face last-minute baby prep and a cranky 38 weeks pregnant wife. Our car seat is installed and the hospital bag is finally in my trunk, so the important stuff is done done done at least! I hope that he can get some things resolved at the office before this babe comes so that he can relax a bit.

He sent me the sappiest e-mail the other day, at 1:00 in the morning. We are trying to stay sane and spend some quality, quiet time together before our life is thrown into a bit of a chaos, despite things going nuts around us. He's sleeping in our bed on the second floor and I'm sleeping on the loveseat with my feet up on the first floor. When we're in the living room hanging out before bed, we can't even share the couch anymore given my 'feet above my heart' needs. I miss snuggling with him and our cats. Still, I know that this adventure will be over soon and bring its own set of new adventures for us to explore together. I think most fascinating from this experience is the effect of hormones and the situation on your relationship. I think we really could take on anything right now. I felt like that before, but this is just more raw - or real - or something. Evolution at work! Survival of the Species! ;)
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Brian's review of our year made me sappy. I heart my dorky husband.

I miss sharing a bed with him and being easily able to snuggle into him, but the belly is big, and the loveseat is the best for getting the swelling in my legs down and adequately and safely supporting my back (I have yet to have back pain in this pregnancy, which I blame my amazing awareness of proper posture through years of ballet classes for and maybe strong abs from ballet and bellydance in year's past). I think we will both be ecstatic to be through this phase of our life together, special and bond-growing though it has been.

The rash on my body seems to be healing, albeit slowly. The weird thing is, there are times in the day that my skin just hurts. Swelling in my legs is down over the night since my feet are up above my heart, my legs are soft again and not rock hard (the analogy Brian made was, like a sausage when they are grilled and if you poked it, juice would squirt out). This has been the norm for my legs from ankle up to right above my knees over the last couple of weeks, until I made great efforts to sit for hours with my feet above my heart (it really is helping). Anyway, putting them up for a long time moves the fluid down in an interesting but strange way. My ankles are soft, then my calves, then around my knees, and there is this particular spot where there is a divide between soft and swollen body - so strange that I thought I was imagining it and I made Brian come and poke me to confirm I wasn't just seeing and feeling things last weekend. When this happens, I have to pee more (or I sweat, a lot). The human body is fascinating! Anyway, the rash: I put this ointment on and it feels good going on (albeit greasy). A few hours later though, my skin HURTS. My skin, not my legs/muscles. Swelling is down, but moving hurts because my skin around my knees, ankles and sides of my thighs hurts (where the worst of the rash has been, though the ointment is all over my extremities). The skin is hot to the touch in these places too. I'm going to try an experiment today, and try the California Baby Calendula stuff instead of the prescription ointment. I'll shower, rub this stuff in instead, put on some support hose, and maybe that will help with swelling and help the rash? Air is good for the rash, but the support hose may help with the swelling. They've suggested all along that I wear these, but the trick in, you have to put them on first thing in the morning before you even move from bed so that your legs are 'wrapped' before you get up and move around and swelling happens. My problem has been that until now, being in bed hasn't done anything to alleviate the swelling. Being on a loveseat over the last week though with my feet above my heart, I feel somewhat human in the morning (safe for the tender, achy skin). I'm having a hard time determining if my discomfort is due to swelling or rash or both, so I figure I'll do some experimenting. What's the worst that can happen, the rash comes back more hardcore. Been there, done that.

Put your feet up to relive edema, but exercise to relieve edema! Wear loose, light clothing when you're having a hot flash but keep that scary rash covered up with clothing! "I can't win" is my statement du jour, as I laugh (weakly). We've had a great sense of humor through a year's worth of fertility treatments, that I feel really silly for complaining now.

Such a strange, long year. Such a scary, exciting new year.
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It is always so strange each year, with all of the preparation and anticipation how quickly the Christmas holiday comes and goes.

I've made a great effort to keep my feet up above my heart since last Thursday's prenatal appointment, and it really is making a big difference in my comfort. Brian has been a huge help through this whole process, and has taken over doing the things I normally would around the house so that I can stay off of my feet. The guy who didn't want to change a litterbox, would rather order takeout and would continue to wear the same t-shirt over doing laundry has been busy. It really does seem to be my body's way of preparing us for what is coming after this baby is on the outside.

We have exchanged our own gifts over the last few years on Christmas Eve morning/afternoon, before going up to my Sister's house for the family sleepover. We have a difficult time getting gifts for each other, because he gets what he wants when he wants it as a rule, and there don't tend to be a lot of things that I want for myself. I got him some nerdy Hallmark ornaments early this year before they sold out, a Sharktopus shirt from Her Universe (the only men's shirt they sell), some iPhone friendly gloves, a photo calendar (I do this each year), some Starbucks credit and some foodie things. Also, a little girls pleather biker jacket from Gwen Stefani's Target line (for us to put away until our baby is big enough to wear it, and match her Dad).

Brian went with a whole 'pamper Jodi' theme this year, complete with a sweet card with a sappy note for me about how it has been a tough year for me, and that he wanted me to try and relax and enjoy myself with this time I'm going to have at home with our new baby. He got me some bath products, a bunch of books, some iTunes credit and a stack of DVDs. There is a general 'lots of time spent in the house' vibe going for it, which was just perfect.

We've decided to stay in on New Year's Eve in favor of me keeping my feet up. We'll get dinner somewhere or order takeout, and watch something on the TV and ring in the New Year with our cats and our bunnies and our baby to be. A friend is having a New Year's Day brunch, so I'll be excited to get out and be social in a lower-key situation (also, a place where I can get myself comfortable and put my feet up if need be).

Nesting, indeed (literally), as I'm spending most of my time smooshed on the loveseat with a mountain of pillows (Brian has affectionately named "Mt. Doom"). Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray may perhaps be a good NYE distraction? :)

Have a great week folks, and a happy new year!


Apr. 12th, 2010 11:21 am
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We had a nice anniversary weekend with a good mix of things.

On Friday we finished up my Commander Cody and brought some things out to Bob for Boston Comicon. We wouldn't be there until Sunday and had a good deal of the garrison stuff for the table.

Saturday was our anniversary, and we took the day to wander and spend time together. After a yummy brunch at the Woburn , we headed north to Ipswich. We haven't been to for quite a while and our first (and only) trip was in the dead of summer, where the wolves weren't feeling very chatty. The weather on Saturday was perfect, with sun but cool and windy air. The presentation is quite serious about how man has caused such damage to this poor animal, but it is quite inspiring and just awesome to see such amazing and large creatures up close .

From there we headed to poke around both locations of the , where I found a very neat plate for $3.15 that if it isn't Charles Rennie MacIntosh, is so inspired We still had some daylight hours left, and so we headed to explore Crane Beach for a while. Why I have not been to this beautiful place before I cannot tell you , because it is such peace and diversity in surroundings (water, sand, trees grass). We spent some time wandering around and snacked on bread, cheese and fruit in the car to get out of the biting wind.

It's been a long time since Brian and I have gone to, so we headed to Danvers next to partake in the smorgasbord To give some time to digest a bit from our beach picnic we drove there via Beverly, where we walked a bit more and I was finally able to check out Neith's parents store . After ice cream, though it was still pretty early, so we decided to finally catch Tim Burton's Alice and Wonderland. Though it wasn't life changing, I enjoyed the prettiness of the movie and was glad to see it on the big screen.

Yesterday was Commander Jodi's debut at at the Westin Waterfront. Though we had a small showing I think we did very well; we talked with a lot of folks, brought a lot of smiles to people's faces and raised $160 for the Make a Wish Foundation. This convention has been around for quite a while but this was their first year in a larger venue with higher-profile guests. I'm excited to see where it goes from here, because it seemed successful (they were turning people away from the door on Saturday, filled to legal capacity).

What a weekend! It makes it a bit easier to return to the normal grind on Monday morning having done so much. :)


Mar. 19th, 2010 07:38 am
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This is a gorgeous description of a marriage:

It is hard to believe that Brian and I have been together for about 15 years.

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Nov. 8th, 2009 09:31 am
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From Katie and CJ's wedding, much tears ensued but they seemed to be having a perfect day, which is all you could ask for. :)

There's a video of their first dance that is still trying to load - it is very cute, so I hope it works. :)
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I finished last night, which I was able to get from the library. I've always loved this story, and Brian and I have our own little history about it. He bought me a velveteen rabbit stuffed animal in Harvard Square on a whim years back, and even illustrated a little story for me related to that for Valentine's Day one year. The bunny has taken quite a bit of abuse, and the insides have degraded over time, making all of the bead filling sit on one side of his butt and leaving him quite lopsided. I scanned the story and took pictures of the bun last night

I enjoyed the Velveteen Principles book quite a bit - it was a light and easy read and very cute, and not too much of a beat you over the head self help thing. Here's the notes I jotted down while reading Read more )


Jul. 17th, 2009 11:28 am
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Yesterday was one of those days where the best laid plans fall apart. Despite that, it was a wonderful evening chatting with Brian in the cool night air (in a hoodie) on the front porch with the cats.

I'm seeing Catwoman as Mame on Sunday .

This sounds like it could be very hot .

I'm going to be experimenting (again) with making some health and beauty products with the help of . I saw the book suggested in a blog that I like, the reviews on Amazon were pretty good, and I had a gift card to cash in that I was having a hard time figuring out what to do with. This is something I've kind of toyed with here and there, but I think it may be a neat thing to play around with and could potentially save me some money. I've enjoyed knowing what's in my food and my cleaning products, and being able to say the same thing about health/beauty aids is tempting.

Work has begun on planning our annual Woburn Halloween Parade festivities (10/25), which has been one of our largest events of the year and has resulted in some of our coolest large props. This year be on the lookout for an Ewok Village and some Clone Era droids - more details to come!


Jul. 13th, 2009 01:14 pm
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This is the building that Brian was squatting in when we first started dating in 95. He was technically homeless, and was crashing with a friend who went to Northeastern University. It was quite convenient that I was attending Simmons College around the corner. I spent much time in that dumpy apartment with he and Ardyth and their friend Poppy.

So long ago . . .


Jul. 10th, 2009 09:30 am
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This is where our wedding reception was - neat story of the history:


May. 24th, 2009 11:55 am
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We witnessed the marriage of our friends Brian and Sandy Fong (from the 501st) yesterday, at the lovely in Bristol RI. It was elegant and yet simple, emotional and yet peaceful. What a perfect day for a joining of two very special people

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Pictures and one video can be found at


Apr. 11th, 2009 08:31 am
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Last night was just lovely. I met the Supah and we went into Harvard together to meet Tiggerette and my hubby to get in line for (since K works at Harvard U, she was the 2nd person in line - a very long line). B and I walked over to Crazy Doughs in the garage to get us all some dinner (largest pizza box ever) and we ate in line, finishing our dinner off with the remainder of the schmancy cupcakes. I do have to say that they were all very good, but the lemon was my favorite.

Joss was very interesting and entertaining; I'm so glad we went. Its funny that it was sponsored by the school's group, and this concept is something I've been thinking of more of late due to life changes, family activities and checking out the local UU church. It was nice to see how the Harvard group had prepared for the Q&A session, selecting video segments from Joss' works and asking relevant questions in that regard. When they opened the floor to the peanut gallery the questions got much less useful (when we saw speak at the Brattle a year or so ago he replied some some of these such questions with "what kind of a jackass question is that?" - Mr. Whedon was much more gracious but the reply would have been appropriate).

After the Q&A there was a signing portion of the eve that though huge (a filled house) went quickly. They said no photos and no personalizing, but the Tiggerette was sneaky and leaned over to tell him that we were celebrating our anniversary, and so when we came up to him from behind her he wrote "Happy Anniversary Brian and Jodi" on our lithograph (already signed by Nathan Fillion, thanks to The Supah at Dragoncon last year). We're going to have it framed artfully on Moody Street with along with my signed ticket stub w/ the date - he always does such a good job of these things. The only question is, where to put this thing? We don't have a ton of wall space in the collectibles room.

It should be a nice rest of the weekend: ballet class, going to the local artist/farm fair and hitting Salem later for . We're going to my sister's for dinner tomorrow night and hoping to catch the zombies meandering through Somerville/Cambridge before we head out.

Have a wonderful weekend folks!


Apr. 10th, 2009 11:30 am
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Happy 10th wedding anniversary to us! Celebrating with fancy cupcakes, Joss Whedon and in 2 weeks a trip to Italy isn't shabby. :)


Apr. 2nd, 2009 12:05 pm
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To celebrate our anniversary next week, in addition to seeing Joss Whedon at Harvard we will feast on these.

A couple of years ago these cupcakes made it onto Oprah's favorite things list. I was skeptical of a $9 cupcake, but a vendor sent one of my coworkers a box and I was able to sample them. DAMN! I have yet to taste a dessert so wonderful. I've been saying I wanted to order a box of my own to share with Brian on some special occasion. I think 10 years of marriage qualifies.

Here's hoping they get here in time! :)

Busy Night

Feb. 9th, 2009 09:44 pm
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Here are the entirety of photos that we have from Brian's childhood:

You'll see a trend here involving lots of costumes and toys. Shocking really!
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Not the best pics, but here are some:

The men looked handsome in their man skirts and the ladies were lovely, particularly the bride. The food was awesome, company was even better, and the dancing and entertainment was the best.

I wish you both the best, for a long and happy life together.
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I love this post about holidays, love, stillness and stuff:


Apr. 10th, 2008 08:59 am
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Its our Anniversary today - 9 years! We're celebrating with dinner at courtesy of Verizon Fios (the Amex gift card they sent us for signing up with them about a month or so ago). Some schmoopy lyrics . . . )

Tori Amos is releasing a comic book this summer:
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Happy Anniversary Sweetie! Its been one crazy, geeky, sexy ride. :)

Tonight we’ll go to Tuscany for dinner (well, Moody Street’s version of it anyway). I’ve wanted to try this place forever!

Last year we celebrated in Edinburgh at the nicest restaurant we have been to yet, and I modeled the most expensive lingerie I have purchased to date .

In 2004 we were house shopping for the second time, fixing my broken car, and dealing with weird family ,

I have no clue what we did in 2003 – I probably had a paper to write or something, but I did post some schmoopy Muppets lyrics .

In 2002 we started house shopping for the first time, and Di dug up the old song she wrote for us on our wedding day and had posted to netgoth at shore way back when .

In 2001 I was going through a rough time, but I was starting to get out of my funk. I would finally see Rent the musical on stage that week for the first time (and despite our ghetto nosebleed seats at the Wang, we’d both enjoy the show) .

In 2000 we were in North Conway, celebrating our first anniversary at Stonehurst Manor:

And in 1999, we had ourselves a fun ole medieval time:


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